Photos|Review: Small Talks Give Connecticut an Intimate Headline Show to Remember

Who: Small Talks

Where: MAC650 Gallery, Middletown, Connecticut

When: May 30, 2019

Myrtle Beach-based pop band Small Talks has just recently finished up their short but sweet co-headline tour with Shortly, around their performance at the final year of Bled Fest in Michigan last month. The tour made its way to Middletown, CT last week, where we got to witness the band play a very intimate show at MAC 650 Gallery, along with local acts SAP and Mandala.

Small Talks is a unique musical project completely driven by Cayley Spivey. What makes the band’s live show so much more interesting, then, is the chemistry between the band members that audition for her tours. Every member of the package had their own electricity that altogether powered their incredibly dynamic performance. Without a doubt, Spivey stood strong as the conductor of the ship. Whether she was leading a sea of swaying hands or jumping into the crowd with her guitar to sing and dance with fans, Spivey is the true definition of an honest rockstar.

The band played the entirety of their debut full-length record, A Conversation Between Us, for the first time in CT, kicking off with the groovy opening track “Better For It” and even playing fan-favorite “Honeydew” and a solemn acoustic version of “Never Made It” for the first time (at least, for us). There is no doubt about it, a Small Talks show is truly more of a party than it is just another band playing on stage. Spivey shows her devotion and appreciation to her fans by engaging with them from the stage and from the ground, an admirable quality for an artist to have in an industry that has become more capitalistic than honest.

Though the Shortly & Small Talks co-headline tour has ended, we find it safe to assume that Small Talks will make its way back to the Northeast sometime soon. In the meantime, we’ve got A Conversation Between Us on loop and blaring through our car speakers all summer long.

Post and photos by Jordyn Beschel

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