Photos: Don Broco takes over Irving Plaza in NYC

Who: Don Broco

Where: Irving Plaza, New York, New York

When: May 11, 2017

State Champs has a reputation of being lively performers, so their support for this tour had to be some of the most captivating bands in the scene. However, after finally witnessing them live, Don Broco quickly became my favorite band on the line-up.

Don Broco (UK) started out the first of two NYC dates of the State Champs tour at Irving Plaza. The band had mentioned that it was their first time playing in NYC, and it was my first time seeing them live.

When the lights went out and the projector screen began rolling up, the crowd started gearing up for the first act of the night.

Without even a moment of hesitation, Don Broco burst through the stage with bright lights and their upbeat, rhythmic groove. They absolutely stole the show in my opinion, and I could tell that they surprised a lot of people with how enduring they were.

Their energy remained at an all-time high from start to finish. This band has some serious stage presence. Between the smiles and synchronization amongst each member and vocalist Rob Damiani’s “Grease Lightning” dance moves, you could tell they were genuinely happy to perform.

Don Broco is certainly no strangers to the crowd either and by the second song in, vocalist Rob Damiani hopped off stage and wriggled his way through the photographers to get straight to the fans.

What intrigues me the most about Don Broco is how they incorporate such a variety of genres into their own magical sound.

The band plays with some remnants of “metalcore”, alongside some twinkling 80s-inspired melodies, similar to Paramore’s new sound.

The band played “Nerve” and “What You do to Me” off of their full-length Automatic, among other songs and then signed off the night in the most memorable way.

During their second-to-last song, they managed to create a rather successful wall-of-death, which had much of the crowd on their toes and recording every minute of it.

In my opinion, Don Broco was the best choice to start off such a stacked show. They’re musically solid, unique, and just overall fun to watch. If you have the chance to see them perform at any of their upcoming shows overseas, you will be so glad you did.

Post and photos by Jordyn Beschel

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