Otep Shamaya talks new album, longevity, gifts from fans, and more

Otep - Promo

Otep’s new album Generation Doom is unleashing April 15, and touring for the album throughout April and May. Lead singer Otep Shamaya spoke with us about the release and an array of other topics.

CC: What has been your favorite, and least favorite of your albums?

— I love them all, but GENERATION DOOM is really something special. It’s pollinated with an intensity I’ve not felt since our first album, SEVAS TRA.

CC: You changed labels from Victory Records to Napalm Records for this coming release, why the change?

— After making six albums in the label system I was emotionally depleted. It’s very hard to work with certain people who can’t see the fire for the smoke. I wanted some time off and a different partner who understood how much music means to me, how much our fans mean to me, and how much the message in the music means to me. Genre be damned. It’s about the message.

CC: What old sounds and new sounds can fans expect from Generation Doom?

— Most people who’ve heard GENERATION DOOM say it reminds them of SEVAS TRA. There’s a similar energy and vulnerability. Both are very personal albums. I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised. As I’ve stated many times, YOU’RE NOT READY FOR THIS!

CC: If people haven’t heard of you yet, why would Generation Doom be an album for them to pick up and hear you for the first time?

— It’s a very diverse album that showcases all of our talents and musicality. We are writers, first and foremost. We write what the muses recite.

CC: How do you explain the longevity of your career in music?

— Our music is timeless. It also doesn’t hurt that we have legions and legions of diehard fans who would walk through fire for us. We love them so.

CC: What advice would you give to bands and artists that may want to reach your longevity in the music field, or even surpass it?

— Put in the work. It’s not about fame or money or drugs or carnalities. It’s about passion for what you do, it’s about hitting the road and giving it 100 percent  every single time you take the stage – no matter the venue, crowd size, or what’s going on in your life – let your art live in those moments.

CC: Where do your best fans come from?

— All over the world. Our demographics are insane!

CC: Have you received any unusual or really cool gifts from fans?

— When my dog died a few years ago fans were giving me paintings, drawings, and poems to celebrate her life and help ease my mourning. It was beautiful.

CC: Where is your favorite venue/country to play?

— I don’t really have a favorite venue. I just want excited, insane audiences. If you have that, then the venue doesn’t matter. You’re gonna have a wonderfully wild and emotional show.

CC: Where is a place (venue/country) you haven’t played that you’ve really been wanting to?

— France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Japan, Hawaii, Canada, the Moon, Atlantis, Valhalla.

CC: What does the rest of 2016 hold for Otep?

— World Domination.

CC: Anything else you would like to say about yourself, fans, new album, or anything at all?

— Much love to all the OTEP TRIBE, SS4L & the WOLF PACK for sharing this journey with us!!!


All questions answered by Otep Shamaya.







Post and interview by Corey Kleinsasser

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