Moxy The Band Releases Debut Album

Sacramento indie pop trio Moxy The Band released their debut album Dream Feeling on November 11th. The trio is comprised of singer/songwriter Amber DeLaRosa (Flourish, Amber DeLaRosa), virtuoso composer Michael Franzino (A Lot Like Birds, Sianvar), and producer/engineer Dryw Owens.

The songs on Dream Feeling were influenced by both the pandemic and a life-altering epilepsy diagnosis. It’s a reflection on the catastrophic loss of health, childhood, and even a child for whom the project was named. The band celebrated the album’s release with a live show at the Bottle and Barlow in Sacramento.

This band was born out of the ashes of a band I had built for a decade,” shares Michael Franzino. “After spending several months in a pretty deep depression, the first songs of this record were my attempt at picking myself back up. I wrote something like 40 song ideas in a million different genres / voices aimlessly trying to figure out what I wanted my artistic voice to be before Dryw helped me narrow it down and hone it. With A Lot Like Birds, I sort of decided what I would be doing for the next 10 years when I was an 18 year old kid. It’s kind of a dilemma a lot of bands find themselves in, being beholden to your teenage self’s musical identity. There isn’t a lot of room for you to mature there, and your fan base doesn’t want you to. Narrowing down what this band was to be was a harrowing process full of a lot of doubt and uncertainty. Dryw is really the glue that put all the frantic ideas together and took this to where it needed to be. He is the first person I’ve ever been able to truly share a compositional vision with.”

Dream Feeling is the first record I’ve written that wasn’t guitar driven. After 10 years of heavy distorted guitar, I had (sadly maybe) grown pretty bored of the instrument in general. After the breakup of my previous band, I had grown increasingly interested in doing something unique with synths and electronic sounds. Most of these songs started on the upright piano in mine and Amber’s apartment and ended with Dryw and I coloring in the compositions with analogue synths. I really try to do something extreme / challenging with every record I write in an attempt to keep the inspiration fire burning bright, so throwing out the instrument I learned on seemed like the move for me. It definitely felt like being a beginner again in the best way possible.”

Dream Feeling is available for streaming here.

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