Interview: Who is Tarah Who?


Concert Crap: Can you talk about a brief history of the band?

MP: I’ve been in the band since last year but I know the band has some history going back to it’s origins in Paris. Maybe Tarah can tell us more about that?

TGC: Hummm…! I started as a musician, playing the drums and the bass in some rock bands… Secretly, I wrote of a few songs. I remember feeling the need to express my thoughts and my emotions but I never dared to share anything, and I never thought of myself as a singer or even a guitar player (generalizing that all guitar players had to play crazy guitar solos etc…I was 14…) I wrote a few songs and kept looking for a friend/singer to sing those songs but I didn’t like how things would turn out or how it sounded. I remember telling one of those singer-friend how it should go and she said ” well, why don’t you do it yourself!” I thought.. “Actually, I will!” a few years later, I had my first solo acoustic gig and I had great responses, I was still telling everyone that It was just for fun.. just a thing.. until I decided that I wanted to record those songs, and then perform them, 10 years later… I am still doing it, and IT is called Tarah Who?

CC: What does your band name mean?

MP: The name comes from some confusion over emails. Not sure if it means anything in particular…but it fits us perfectly.

TGC: The band is an accident.. I was looking for a band name and I wrote an email to my band mates at the time, asking for their opinion on some ideas. The only one that sticked out was the subject of that email ” Tarah … WHO???” . We had a bunch of gigs lined up so we had to come up with something quickly! We went for Tarah Who? and we kept it!

I hate looking for band names! I will find a good reason for any idea, just so that i don’t have to think of any new band name, anymore!

CC: Who are some of your musical inspirations?

MP: I’ve been inspired by alt. rock, grunge, punk and even progressive metal. Too many influences to mention, what can I say.. I really love music.  I remember bands like The Cure and Joy Divison played an important part in influencing me to be in a band.

SMK:   Keith Moon, Ringo Starr, John Bonham, Ginger Baker, David Bowie, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Taylor Hawkins, Josh Homme, Jesse Hughes, etc etc!

TGC: Alanis Morissette when I was a teenager, she was a BIG part of my life! haha! Then, pretty much anything 90s grunge, rock.. The Smashing Pumpkins, Courtney Love, The Distillers, Garbage, The Foo Fighters etc…

CC: Who would you like to tour with realistically and un realistically?

MP: Realistically I think we could tour with a band like White Lung or Dead Sara. Hmm, unrealistically? Well. Maybe like Deftones or System of a Down. But hey, it could happen.

SMK: Realistically, Eagles of Death Metal, Queens of the Stone Age and Foo Fighters. Unrealistically..David Bowie and  Nirvana.

TGC: Realistically: Brody Dalle, The Foo Fighters, EODM. Unrealistically, Motorhead. Lady Gaga (I think she’s ll be fun to tour with) , Alanis Morissette  (Just because I dreamt of it as a teenager! Check it OFF my list!)

CC: What does the rest of 2017 have in store for you guys?

MP: Oh wow. Well, new music with EP releases. A tour we are working on. I’m sure we have local shows in the works too. Check for more exciting details.

SMK: New music, tons of shows and a tour!

TGC: Music Videos of the songs from our new EP “Half Middle Child Syndrome”. The EP release show at the Viper Room on june 21st 2017. Tour. New songs, New recordings.

CC: Is there anything else you’d like to say to your fans or anyone that may be reading this interview at all?

MP: Yea. You are all invited to the Viper Room in Hollywood June 21st for the EP HalfMiddleChildSyndrome release show! See you there!

SMK: Come rock out with us at The Viper Room for our new EP Realease show June 21st!

 TGC: Thanks for your support, thanks for having us on Concert Crap! I love the name!  Below is a video of the making of the new EP: “Half Middle Child Syndrome” , Check it out, follow us on facebook, twitter, youtube, Instagram and come to our shows! We hope you will enjoy our new ep as much as we do!  Tarah.
Post and interview by Corey Kleinsasser

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