Interview: SPITE on bringing Northern California hardcore to the rest of the country

Photo by JT Cavey

Concert Crap: You guys have played Lionheart’s farewell show, and you’re now on tour with Oceano, No Zodiac, Aversions Crown and Slaughter to Prevail. How do you think the band will progress more in the future?

Darius Tehrani (vocals): Things with SPITE have seemed to move pretty fast from the start. All of us have had the same vision for the band thrive off grinding on music together. Every tour we’ve seemed to come across the opportunity for the next one! So should be a cool tour coming up for us soon! We are getting ready to release a new album produced by our drummer Cody Fuentes. Can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

CC: The hardcore community is a tight knit one and has been for years, how would you say that hardcore is adjusting to modern day and time?

DT: I’m not extremely familiar with hardcore music. I have friends who are in hardcore bands and I have attended/played shows of that genre and we’ve always been accepted in it. I’ve heard stories about other genres getting rejected in that scene, but I know where I’m from it’s a very accepting group and I’m proud of the Bay Area for that. Huge part of music being fun is exploring new genres and discovering new stuff. I think that CA is a very influential state when coming to music, a lot of awesome stuff has come out of there. I think Bay Area being so accepting and diverse is a good sign of how hardcore is evolving.

CC: When can we expect to hear more new music from you guys?

DT: We finished our new record. Can’t say too much. All I can is very soon!!

CC: As a local band (from Northern California) how has it been touring more around the country and seeing your work come together?

DT: It’s insane to me. In my head I’m still in a “local band” and seeing something me and my brothers created evolve like this is very humbling. Been a wild ride. Ups and downs but I love it. I’ve wanted this since I was a kid. Hard work pays off.

CC: What advice has helped you starting out as a local band?

DT: Put in the work. You gotta eat shit for a while, actually a long time. Like I said tho, hard work pays off. Always take things to the next level. Personal advice I always give. Never try to be someone else. You never want to be number 2. Do YOU and do it the best. Be a leader not a follower.

CC: Anything else you’d like to say to fans or anyone else reading this interview?

DT: Well, at the end of the day you make us who we are  and we are forever grateful for the support. This new album is something ALL of us in SPITE have poured our all into. This is the Outsiders rise. Heavy, angry, aggressive, get ready.

All questions answered by vocalist Darius Tehrani.

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Post and interview by Kayla Rojas

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