Interview: Oil Boom talks “Earful!” and new album “Terribility”

Oil Boom
Photo Credit: Annie Nelson

Concert Crap: How did “Earful!” come into creation?
Ryan Taylor:
Sometimes I think “Earful” created us, borne out of an unquenchable desperation to infiltrate the human experience and to rule the Earth with song.

CC: In three words, how would you describe “Earful!?”
RT: Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice.

CC: Why did you decide to release “Earful!” before your album release date?
RT: In 1962, in a small café on the outskirts of a Paris, a young businessman named Jean Pierre Aguillon took his seat alone at a dimly lit table in the corner. In his lap was a leather satchel, the contents of which were unknown to his fellow restaurant patrons, who being engaged in the daily ritual of morning gossip andquiche lorraine, had little interest in the nondescript man seated across from them. As the idle chatter of their breakfast pleasantries drifted into a monotonous roar, Jean Pierre stirred in his seat. Inconspicuously, but consistently, his eyes scanned the large grandfather clock next to the kitchen. In his mind, he pictured himself slowly turning the secondhand of the clock solely with his thoughts. And even though we know this to be impossible, Jean Pierre felt himself doing it. Gradually, as the full force of the dawn sun began to shine through the café windows and scarf clad customers ambled out into the Parisian streets, Jean Pierre took a small piece of paper from his satchel and carefully set it on the red and white linen tablecloth in front of him. Scrawled in poorly constructed coal-black letters, almost as if a child had written it, read nine bone-chilling words: “rELAsE ThE EArFuL sINGLe BeFoRE yOu ReLEasE ThE ALbuM.”

CC: “Earful!” is the first single off your newest album, Terribility, out October 20. What else can we expect to hear on there?
RT: You’ll hear all manner of country and western influenced contemporary progressive jazz medleys, written and recorded to be played at moderate volume through your Urban Outfitters Crosley turntable.

CC: Can we catch you out on tour anytime soon?
RT: Well, if we want gas station snacks soon, we’ll have to.

CC: Anything else you’d like to add to this interview?
RT: I would just like to remind everyone to have their pets spayed and neutered. It’s a practical solution to a real problem.

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Post and interview by Karen Shalev

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