Interview: Meet The Blind Owls

The Blind Owls

Concert Crap: Introduce yourselves to our audience. Who are The Blind Owls?

Jesse: My name is Jesse and I play the guitar and sing lead on a lot of our songs, while also singing backup as well. There are four of us that make up The Blind Owls and we have known each other for just about all of our life, before starting a band in 2012. We perform original Rock n’ Roll music, heavily inspired by the British Invasion and many artists of the 1960s.

Concert Crap: In 3 words, what kind of music do you play?

Carlos: Rock And Roll

Concert Crap: You are releasing an EP soon. What can we expect to hear?
Josh: 4 fun songs all with different genres of influence, something for everybody.

Concert Crap: What track should listeners play first? Which should they play last?

Dylan: If going out of track order, I’d personally start off with “Alright” and end with the soothing sound of “I’ll Be There”

Concert Crap: You recently wrapped up a tour. What does your live show look like?

Jesse: We pretty much put all of the heart and soul that we can to each and every live show. Whether we play to a crowd of 1 or a crowd of 1000, we just want to have fun. There is nothing more fun than playing music with 3 of your best friends.

Josh: Our live show is 4 really sweaty guys dancing like nobody’s watching while playing tunes.

Dylan: It’s hard to say when all I see is the back of the guys heads. hahahaa But by the way our crowds always seem to be having a good time dancing with each other, I’d say they really enjoy the show and we enjoy playing for them.

Carlos: Raw, Energetic, Dancing, Jumping, Singing-a-long, tons of fun!

Concert Crap: For fans not based in Corpus Christi, TX, will you be heading out on tour again soon?

Carlos: We have nothing planned for the future….yet. We just did come back however from Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Louisiana. Hopefully, sometime soon we can go out again and put a great performance for more beautiful people!

Concert Crap: Anything else that you’d like to add?

Jesse: Thank you to Scott and Carol over at Hidden Volume for releasing this EP. Everyone stay tuned for some new recordings we plan on completing later this year. We have a lot of exciting things we hope to share soon.

Dylan: If you enjoy what we’re writing and playing, please tell your friends about us and help spread the word about The Blind Owls. We’re always looking for new places to play and travel to, so reach out to us and hopefully, we can play a show out there for everyone to enjoy!

Carlos: The new EP The Blind Owls Four will be out April 13th, in the meantime buy, stream, and listen to our first EP ‘The Blind Says Goodbye’ as well as our full LP ‘All Day and Night’ on all major streaming services. Thank you for all the support, we love you all!

Questions were answered by all four members of The Blind Owls.

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Post and interview by Karen Shalev

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