Interview: Dozer TX talks musical influences and their new EP

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Concert Crap: Could you give anyone who may not know you a brief history of the band?

Miles McMillan Jr.: After knowing each other collectively since around 2010 and playing in different bands in our local scene in San Angelo, Texas, we formed Dozer in early 2014. We’ve played lots of shows around Texas throughout the last three years and have released an EP and a split prior to our new EP Centerpiece.

CC: So you have two vocalists, which is pretty cool! What made you decide to do that?

MM: Kevin and I have pretty distinctively different singing voices and styles and we wanted to try and incorporate that into the music because it keeps things interesting with how our songs progress. We are both songwriters, Kevin is better with melody and song structure and I’m better with lyrics, so combining our strengths really helps out with writing.

CC: Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

Kevin Cale: I have three older siblings, so as I was growing up, I just listened to whatever they did. Sort of like hand-me-down music. My sister Elizabeth got me into Blink 182 and New Found Glory at a very young age. Shortly after that I started playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater and the soundtrack to those games basically shaped my music taste for the rest of my life.

CC: You have a new EP coming out on March 10th called Centerpiece, what’s the meaning behind the name?

MM: When you carry the weight of a relationship with someone else, regardless of what kind of relationship it is, sometimes it doesn’t end on your terms. The lack of closure when losing someone like that can really hold you back, and make you lose sight of what you else you have in your life. You put someone in a certain light that you just can’t seem to forget about or move on from but you have to. That person/thing is the centerpiece.

CC: For me, hearing songs about the same things I’m going through helps me out a lot. Your new EP is about difficulties facing toxic relationships, was knowing that there’s a lot of people out there going through that helpful when you were writing Centerpiece?

KC: Absolutely, it’s one of the reasons I write music. When I listen to music and relate to the content, it helps me get through it because I know I’m not alone. Someone else has the same problems as me and it helps to know that. It’s always what I strive to do when I write.

MM: Something I’ve always wanted to achieve through music is relating to people positively when they listen to any project I’m involved with.

CC: Favorite songs/albums of all time

MM: Enema of the State by Blink 182 was the first album I ever loved and it’s still one of my favorites. More recently, Chemical Miracle by Trophy Eyes has become one of my favorites too, especially their songs “Chlorine” and “Daydreamer”. A lesser known record that I love, especially lyrically, is A Fire so Big the Heavens Can See it by Search the City. My best friend from high school showed it to me when it came out in 2008 and I still listen to it to this

KC: The Used’s Self-Titled album was one of the first albums I ever bought with my own money and it remains one of my favorite records. More recently, I’m a huge fan of
Nominee’s new record Drag Me Out. Even if those guys weren’t some of our best friends I’d still love that record.

Honorable mentions:

New Found Glory – Self Titled

Blink 182- Enema of the State

Title Fight- Shed

Balance and Composure – Separation

All questions answered by Miles McMillan Jr and Kevin Cole.

Post and interview by Madeline Cronin

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