Hot Mulligan “gives you a reason to watch” at their sold-out show in San Diego

Hot Mulligan sells out the House of Blues San Diego on December 3 2023
Hot Mulligan sells outs the House of Blues San Diego by Franny Kovacs

Hot Mulligan’s “Why Would I Watch” headline show at the House of Blues in San Diego on December 3rd was a rollercoaster of high emotions and energy, leaving the crowd in awe of the band’s exceptional performance. The night featured a lineup that perfectly set the stage for Hot Mulligan’s explosive set, with openers Ben Quad, Spanish Love Songs, and Heart Attack Man each bringing their unique flavor to the table.

Ben Quad opening the show (Photo: Franny Kovacs)

Kicking off the night, Ben Quad transported the audience with their Midwest emo vibes, setting a contemplative tone that resonated well with the crowd. Spanish Love Songs, self-proclaimed as “The Sad Band,” took the stage next, delivering an emotionally charged performance that tugged at the heartstrings of everyone in attendance.

Heart Attack Man took the energy to a whole new level, turning the venue into a frenzy of crowd surfers and enthusiastic singalongs. The lead singer’s boundless energy was infectious, akin to an energizer bunny on stage. The constant flow of crowd surfers added to the exhilarating atmosphere, creating an unforgettable experience for the audience.

As the anticipation reached its peak, Hot Mulligan exploded onto the stage, ready to match and exceed the energy set by the earlier acts. The band treated the audience to a diverse selection from their discography, showcasing their musical evolution and versatility. Songs like “Equip Sunglasses,” “Christ Alive My Toe Dammit Hurts,” and “Shhhh! Golf Is On” from their latest hit release album, “Why Would I Watch,” were definite crowd-pleasers.

Released in May of 2023, “Why Would I Watch” proved to be Hot Mulligan’s best album yet, and the live renditions of these tracks showcased the band’s growth and maturity in their sound. The crowd was captivated by the seamless transitions between the energetic and introspective moments, creating a musical journey that resonated with fans both old and new.

Hot Mulligan’s performance was characterized by raw passion, tight musicianship, and an engaging stage presence that held the audience captive from start to finish. The House of Blues in San Diego became a melting pot of emotions, with fans singing along, moshing, and fully immersing themselves in the sonic experience.

Hot Mulligan’s “Why Would I Watch” headline show in San Diego was a testament to the band’s prowess as performers and the undeniable impact of their latest album. The night showcased not only the evolution of Hot Mulligan’s sound but also the collective power of the lineup that made this concert an unforgettable experience for all in attendance.

Post and photos by Franny Kovacs
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