Green Day’s Surprise Show: An Overnight Dream Come True

(Photo: Nikki Phillips)

On Monday, Green Day announced a surprise show at Anaheim’s House of Blues — the catch? “Tomorrow night!” Tickets were scheduled to go on sale just a few hours after the announcement was made. Naturally, the show sold out in a matter of minutes — but, to be expected at a venue with only a 1,700 capacity. In effort to deter scalpers, all tickets were will call only with ID. We did notice a lot of diehard fans in line — many who had arrived shortly after the sun came up that next morning. It was pleasant to see that the fans had a fair chance against scalpers this time around. (Did we mention tickets didn’t break the bank at only $61 total?!)

Seeing Green Day in this intimate of a setting is probably unheard of nowadays — something only in your craziest dreams after eating a bunch of junk food before bed. Sure, way back in the day you could catch a small show. Since then, Green Day have become one of the most influential rock bands in the world, embarking on stadium tours throughout recent decades. They are a true generational imprint to those who grew up during the 90s, 2000s and beyond.

Opening the show was Ultra Q — fronted by Billie Joe’s son, Jakob. We adored seeing the musicianship and talent passed down within the family as the crowd got pumped up. Fans were treated to a live debut of “Gror” along with 7 additional songs on their roster.

Green Day emerged to a wave of cheer and thrill after their comical hype-intro by Drunken Pink Bunny. (Do you know who was inside? Wink, wink.) The band played their latest album, Saviors, front to back as part of the setlist. Not only were we treated to that — additionally, we were blessed with a 30-song set that celebrated multiple albums across all of Green Day’s most memorable eras: American Idiot, Dookie and Warning. Kicking off with “American Idiot” was the bang we expected — and needed. Explosive energy paralleled emotions amongst the crowd, igniting an indescribable joy throughout the room. The floor was wall-to-wall with diehard fans of all ages (as young as 9 years old), while the balcony was flooded with family, friends, industry talent and nothing but love all around.

Perhaps some of the coolest moments of the setlist were “She’s A Rebel” and “Extraordinary Girl” (American Idiot) — which both haven’t been played live in almost 20 years. “Give Me Novacaine” made its first re-appearance since 2017 as well. We also witnessed live debuts for over half of the tracks from Saviors, including the title track. To no revelation, the crowd erupted upon hearing “She” — another clear-cut fan favorite.

With Green Day, there is a specific nostalgia that sets in which is reflected through the youthfulness and upbeat disposition the band has kept over the years. The band-to-fan interaction never falls short of genuine. There is a sincere gratitude that radiates from the guys, which is always evident in the way they communicate with their audience, whether in a massive arena or a small standing room.

With an encore headed by Tré Cool’s solo of “All By Myself,” fans truly got the icing on the cake in addition to the many deeper cuts played versus the traditional singles type of setlist. Closing out the show with their powerhouse anthem “Minority,” Green Day successfully played the most surreal show we’ve seen in a while (okay, maybe with the exception of their NYC subway surprise earlier this year.)

Be sure to check out Green Day this summer on their international tour coming to a city near you — click here to see dates. Until then, relive this epic night with us through our exclusive photo gallery below!

(All photo credit: Nikki Phillips)

Photos and post by Nikki Phillips [ Instagram | Website ]

Which city are do you plan seeing Green Day in? Let us know!




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