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ForeverAtLast was born in Indianapolis with the help of Brittany Paris, Ezekiel Vasquez (Zeke), Jared Paris and Jordan Vickers. ForeverAtLast (or FAL) first started in 2010, but that’s not when the journey begun.

Jared and Jordan met in 2005, but didn’t really start to talk music until years later. Zeke was in a separate band with Jared, and that’s how Jared met Brittany. With previous bands fizzling, FAL became everyone’s full-time commitment by 2014 and the music just keeps playing.

Their influences are wide with the tunes of Taking Back Sunday, Depeche Mode, Rancid, Coldplay, Deas Vail, Fugazi, and much more. One thing is for sure, they all seem to be same page when it comes to their music.

When FAL first started playing their genre was metalcore, but they called it a phase. In 2013 they started to tour and slowly started to transition out of the “what was hot” and decided it was time to make music they were influenced by and liked.

ForeverAtLast made the best memories when they first started heavily touring in 2013.

“We have a had a blast playing tunes all over the country, traveling, seeing new sights and making new fans and friends,” said Jared. “Seeing venues pack out over the time is probably the best feeling.”

Even though touring have been some of their best memories, it seems that can compare to performing at The Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis, Main Street Youth Center in Kentucky, or Cloud Springs Deli in Georgia.  These little joints pack the people and the vibes are like no other for these guys and gal.

FAL seems to understand that power that social media plays with their music, but more so for the fans. This band understands that social media is their chance to get to know the fans on a personal level by letting them know, “We are here to listen to you.”

“To know that their favorite band truly cares about them can be an empowering thing,” said Jared, “It’s something we don’t see too often these days.”

Their words can apply to more than just the music scene.  Their band name means once you have reached heaven it is “Forever, at last,” after this life on earth has passed.

For now they say make some really awesome music, get to know your surrounding area to build off of. Don’t be the band that tours hard and never has a crowd. It’s music. So live it and enjoy it.

ForeverAtLast’s new album, Ghosts Again, is out October 16.

ForeverAtLast - Ghosts Again


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