For Today awakens the Glass House in Pomona

For Today prevails on the second night of the “Fight the Silence Tour”

“The Fight the Silence Tour” is now running full steam after having it’s first show on Thursday. Friday’s show stopped in Pomona at the Glass House and hosted the tour’s lineup featuring Fit for a King, The Plot in You, Stray from the Path, Like Moths to Flames and headliners For Today.

The tour was in support of For Today’s new album “Fight the Silence” coming out on Tuesday. Let’s see how the show went in reverse order.

For Today is a Christian hardcore-metal band who has been together since 2005 and their live shows show why they have been together for so long. Led by frontman Mattie Montgomery and his distinctive vocals, the five-piece band prevailed during their set.

Even though they had only 55-minutes to show what they were made of, they showed it well. Their songs ranged from their last 2 albums, “Breaker” and “Immortal,” and their new one “Fight the Silence”

Fans jumped along to each song and overpowered Montgomery and clean vocalist/lead guitarist Ryan Leitru many times. The band’s powerful breakdowns made fans explode with headbanging and fist pounding with each one fitting perfectly within each song.

Montgomery has a voice that ranges from screams to growls to occasional clean vocals. He is one of the best singers in the metalcore genre.

Recorded vocal tracks on the band’s albums include verses and choruses sung by a group of people to include audience participation during live shows which happened plenty during this show.

After the band exited following “Fearless,” “The Breaker’s Origin” commenced and immediately led into one of their most popular songs “Devastator,” which pleased everyone in attendance.

Like Moths to Flames only has two albums but were second to last on the bill because their live show is top notch. Led by former Agraceful lead singer Chris Roetter, the band had a lot of audience involvement from their first song, all the way to their last.

Pomona fans enjoyed their time with Like Moths to Flames.

GNF” was a big crowd pleaser with the very angry, “I don’t give a fuck!” included in the song. An excellent set was brought with these Ohio natives.

Stray from the Path played non-stop for their set and had minimal talking from vocalist Drew York. Donning a new blonde hairstyle, York sang songs for his band that ranged from all three of their albums. Jesse Barnett from Stick to Your Guns even made a guest appearance.

Jesse from Stick to Your Guns joins Drew York and Stray from the Path on stage.

York’s very unique, aggressive voice has been compared to Zach De La Rocha of Rage Against the Machine.

The band did show how aggressive they were on stage with their loud, hardcore music, but not many fans seemed to enjoy their set. It may have been because their breakdowns are really fast and the rest of the bands had longer drawn out breakdowns but it wasn’t enough to please everyone.

The Plot in You played second and showed fans what they were made of. Even though many fans were into the band, they did not put on a very good set.

The Plot in You shows the Glass House what they are made of.

It seemed as though they had problems with their samples and background tracks to start and end songs. They had their ups-and-downs.

The quartet from Texas, Fit for a King opened the show to a packed house. Fans immediately began jumping and singing along to each and every song these Texans delivered. The loud and aggressive breakdowns were enough to excite the audience and left them hungry for what was to come.

Fir for a King opens the “Fight the Silence Tour”

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