Fit for a King talks current, future tours, new album

Fit for a King is in the midst of the Eternal Enemies Tour alongside Emmure, The Acacia Strain, Kublai Khan and Sylar.  The tour has less than a week left and has been nothing but stellar for the band from Dallas, Texas.

Fit for a King is currently riding the success of their latest album, “Slave to Nothing.”  The album, released through Solid State Records, cracked the top 50 on the Billboard charts at number 49.  The band consists of: bassist Ryan “Tuck” O’Leary, guitarist Bobby Lynge, vocalist Ryan Kirby and drummer Jared Easterling.

The band has not taken the world by storm quite yet, but they are gaining fans wherever they go.

“They don’t know how to react to us,” said Easterling.  “But then they’ll come up to us after the show and [say], ‘Oh, it was awesome.’ [or] ‘You guys did really good.’  Which is nice to see that we’re picking up new fans.”

Like most artists, Fit for a King matured with their new album and live act.

“Being on the road and just having the experience helps us know [and] shape the new sound we want,” said Easterling.  “A lot of experience helps us to know what to do and what not to do.”

Fit for a King has toured with many bands, but there are still some artists on their wish list.  Some realistic, and some not so realistic.

“I’d like to tour with the band Issues,” said Easterling.  “They seem like a lot of fun guys…And The 1975.  I can’t ever watch them because I’m always traveling on the road, but maybe I’ll get to see them one day.”

Luckily for the band, they haven’t had too many horror stories from the road recently.  That can’t be said for past tours though.

“The worst was like a couple [of] years ago when we got rear-ended by a semi,” said Kirby.  “Nobody was hurt, but it just sucks because we had a brand new big trailer [that] we had bought and it got destroyed.  And we bought it in cash…We were supposed to be driving to California.  Luckily it happened while we were still in Texas.  [It happened] only 30 minutes after leaving.”

“Slave to Nothing” is without a doubt the band’s most successful album, and the band has gained more notoriety because of it.  Kirby talked about the music making process with the album.

“We write over the course of the year,” said Kirby.  “[We] had a majority of the songs written going into the studio [and] wrote a few of them in the studio.  We try our best to, kind of, close ourselves off in the studio and get to writing [and] clear our heads and everything.  People seem to be really into the album.  We wanted to change things up from being so chuggy and breakdowns for this record.  Of course we kept the breakdowns.  You have to keep breakdowns.”

Kirby urges anyone listening to the album to focus more in on what is being said, rather than just what is heard.

“There’s a lot of meaning and heart behind them,” said Kirby.  “A lot of personal experiences for me or our bass player/singer “Tuck.”  It’s just a lot of [personal] stuff and I think it could help some people through hard times.”

Even though no dates have yet to be announced for the band for next year, the band does have plenty of shows booked.

“By the middle of this month we [can] start talking and announcing stuff,” said Kirby.  “We have like 90 shows we’re announcing within the month.  Close to Christmas we’re announcing it.”

The band did just release a new album in November, but they’re already preparing for their next one.  Don’t expect it anytime soon though.

“We’ll be writing a new album,” said Kirby.  “[It] probably won’t come out in 2015, probably the first couple [of] months in 2016, but that’s not for sure at all.  That’s just kind of the plan.”

Photos: Corey Kleinsasser

Have you picked up “Slave to Nothing” and or seen Fit for a King live?  Comment below with your thoughts.

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