Fencer Debuts Livestream Show Benefiting the ‘Life Rolls On’ Foundation

Fencer Presss Photo
Photo: Heather Koepp

Rising indie trio Fencer recently played their first ever livestreamed show. Based out of Los Angeles, the band consists of Field Cate, Scott Sauve, and Cameron Sauve. All proceeds from the livestream were directly donated to Life Rolls On — a program that hosts adaptive surf and skate events for those with physical disabilities. They provide opportunities to experience these activities with the assistance of their volunteers. Fencer are true advocates for mental health, which is transparently reflected in both their music and involvement with Life Rolls On.

Both Scott and Cameron have been volunteering with the foundation since 2017, making this livestream extra special for them, as well as everyone they’ve gotten to know and grow with over the years through their time contributing. Fencer’s upcoming debut record spotlights dealing with anxiety, depression and the general ruts of life that tend to pop up for all us from time to time. Those participating in the events that Life Rolls On has to offer can relate all too well to those feelings — which unites both its volunteers (like Scott and Cameron) with those affected by a life-changing event.

Fencer brought their signature blue hue to the room, accompanied by uber-cool energy, and a roster of jam-ready tracks. The setlist included some of their already released tracks such as “Joseph Courtney,” “Sanitarium” and “Junebug.” Lead vocalist Field has an exceptional gift of synesthesia — the ability to see colors when hearing sounds — which is how the Fencer became an emblem for all things blue. The room served as an intimate “garage band” type of feel that seemed oh-so-familiar. String lights added a nostalgic touch that reminded us of our favorite underground bands before they rose to fame.

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To learn more about volunteering with Life Rolls On, click here.

Post written by Nikki Phillips

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