Enforced’s New Album ‘War Remains’: A Pummeling Must-Hear for All Aggressive Music Listeners

Five months ago, my best friend hit me up to join him in shooting a show at Brick by Brick, a local favorite venue in San Diego. Little did I know I’d be shooting Enforced, a Virginia based thrash band who have been stomping to the top of the trash world since their formation in 2017. Five months later and here I am excitedly writing about their newest album release, War Remains.

Enforced is comprised of vocalist Knox Colby, guitarists Will Wagstaff and Zach Monahan, Ethan Gensurowsky on bass and Alex Bishop on drums. They are well-known for their intense and fast-paced songs which often blend elements of hardcore punk and traditional thrash metal. With topics such as political injustice and the effects of war, this new album delivers the same punch as At The Walls but with a heavier blow.

'War Remains', Enforced Third Album
Third Album Released by Enforced, ‘War Remains’

When Riley Gale of Powertrip suddenly passed last August, the trash world was at a loss. Sure, we had the Municipal Wastes and Exodus‘ of the world but were missing the true grit and “IDGAF” attitude.  Enforced came in with a lethal aggression that has taken the scene by storm and has quickly gained popularity.

Though only 32 minutes in length, this album falls nothing short of heavy-hitting, sludgy and is an unrelenting force of nature that will leave your ears ringing and head banging. Any fan of aggressive music will be pleased when they listen to this album full of heavy, ruff and crunchy riffs, thunderous drums and intense vocals to match. With both rage-inducing and personal based lyrics, this whole album is one big middle finger to both loss and suffering.

War Remains is an absolute must-listen for anyone who likes their thrash to be loud and uncompromised. Lead tracks like “Aggressive Menace” incorporate plenty of fast classic thrash toned “whammys” and chugs while others like “Avarice” contain tension and grit in between the faster rhythm sections. The songs on the album all have a menacing, chaotic energy and the band never fails to keep the intensity level high throughout the entirety of the record. 

Overall, War Remains is an impressive album from Enforced. The quintet has created an intense and powerful record that is a combination of old school thrash and modern sensibilities, and the overall energy and vibe is undeniably heavy and to be respected. Enforced have crafted a kickass album that trash metal fans and others alike will fan in love with…an album Riley Gale could listen to on repeat. 

Post by Sydney Ellis




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