Dustin Kensure announces new album “Carry the Fire”


“Let me hold you in the darkness, in the fire and the rain, let me be the one.”

A song that constitutes brevity among classic romance among modern times. Dustin Kensrue, the long time lead for Orange County’s Thrice, follows his 2007 solo record, Please Come Home, with, Carry The Fire, set to release to the public on April 21. A little gift back from the lyrical God’s after tax season ends.

On his website, www.dustinkensrue.com, pre-order links are available to capture some sweet vinyls, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and signed 12”x 24” lithographs. There is also a link that directs one to Billboard’s website where a little treat awaits for the avid fan.

The song is called “Back to Back”, and it leaves us fans a morsel of what is to come in this highly-anticipated album.

After listening to it more than times thus far, it has grown on me.  Since I expected something to sound more like his first album, which was mainly folksy with inclusion of varied, acoustic instruments, this new album seems to have more of a rock spirit with an influence of more of an atmospheric feel, which reminded me of Foo Fighters “Outside,” off their Sonic Highways album.

Never more satisfied was I when logistically listening to the lyrics, for they are profound, and relate to human nature in a sense of modern relativity. I cannot wait for this record to be released, to play the ever-living crap out of it, to the point that it will wear out the needle of my Pro-Ject Debut III record player.


This entire post, writing and photos, are all courtesy of Greg Telles

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