-Do- listen to Brett Newski


Brett Newski sells stickers that read ‘Don’t Listen to Brett Newski’, but you should definitely not listen to Brett Newski and listen to Brett Newski..

Newski is really good.

Usually when you go to a concert, you go because you love the music, you love the fans, and you love having an excuse to drink. But going to a Brett Newski show is also going to a hilarious comedy party.

Newski will stop in between songs to tell stories about places he’s been and shitty beers he’s drunk, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll find yourself accidentally spitting yours on the back of someone’s head.

Really, I’m sorry I spit-laughed.


Brett Newski played the Fox Theatre in Pomona as an opener to 90’s band The Violent Femmes. The room was filled up to its viewing capacity, and there was a fun age group ranging from young middle schoolers to men I kept confusing for Brian Ritchie.

Brett took the stage and immediately began a series of jokes that all intertwined together with the idea of adventure and traveling. I haven’t seen a performer engage that much with a crowd in a long time. Fans would scream a place or a name and he would have a very smart or witty joke to go along with it.

I held my pee in for the longest time because I really didn’t want to leave the room.

When he finished his set to a loud applause and an assortment of flirtatious whistling, I ran to the bathroom only to hear all sorts of positive comments along the way.

“I really like this guy”

“I’m definitely seeing him again next time”

“He was really really good”

“I wanna buy him a beer”


Brett Newski has a online video series that travels along with him.

It’s extremely funny and binge-watch-worthy.


Land Air Sea Garage was released in August but he’s on full swing hitting all the top cities, so spend a couple of dollars on shitty beer and go, go, go.

Post and photos by Yesse Carillo

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