Darkness Divided vocalist talks about album, 2015 plans and siblings


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Founded in 2010, Darkness Divided formed in San Antonio, Texas and is a band that consists of a trio of brothers.  The band is: guitarist Christopher Mora, vocalist Gerard Mora, bassist Joseph Mora, drummer Israel Hernandez and guitarist Sebastian Elizondo.

With four years experience as a band they were able to secure a record deal with Victory Records and released their debut album “Written in Blood” in August 2014.

Vocalist Gerard Mora talked about the formation of Darkness Divided.

“The band played its first show as Darkness Divided in 2010,” said Gerard Mora.  “We’ve had quite a number of genre and lineup changes since then, but we all feel like it’s gotten us to the sound we play today that we are proud of.”

Not many bands can say that they have family members and obviously family is important to this band.

“We love being in a band of brothers,”  said Gerard Mora.  “We have been best friends our whole lives.  Of course, with siblings there are always little things, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  The biggest thing to remember is that no matter what band stuff is going on, that at the end of the day, you’re family, which motivates you to squash any beef faster than usual.  It’s definitely something I would encourage for other siblings to do if you have the opportunity.”

There has been nothing but positivity from fans, and the band is using that fuel to fire their way to the top.

“Everyone who has listened to it seems to really dig it,” said Gerard Mora.  “It was an awesome experience getting to record the album and have Victory release it.  The only thing is that we are still an up-and-coming band, so we just [have to] keep hitting the road and push it to everyone possible! The work isn’t over!”

“Written in Blood” was described by Gerard, including the new things that were brought to the album.

“It was a great experience,” said Gerard Mora.  “We spent six weeks in the studio recording with our friend Cory Brunneman.  We had worked with Cory in the past, so we already had a relationship with him.  [We] had done a lot of pre-pro on our own, so another six weeks on top of that really gave us the time to knock out any ideas we had, including writing all the singing choruses for the album.  Singing was new to the band, so it was great to have the time to really experiment with Sebastian and Chris’ voices.”

The album has 11 songs with three of them all instrumental.

“We wanted instrumentals across the album to make it flow better,” said Gerard Mora. “We really like how they came out and thought they were necessary to the dynamic of the album.”

For those have yet to hear the album from the up-and-coming band, their lead singer talks about why he is proud of it and why you should listen.

“It’s definitely our best music we have written as a band,” said Gerard Mora.  “We really pushed ourselves to write on both the technical and the heavier side of things, and I think that pushed our songs to a new level.  If you can appreciate a good metal album, then I think you can find something that you’ll like on our record.”

In the band’s short four years they have played many shows and tours, and Gerard talked about which has been his favorites so far.

“It’s weird, but I booked a tour for us after we had released our EP in 2012 called “The Shred White and Blue Tour,” and it was probably been the most fun we’ve had on the road,” said Gerard Mora.  “We played some cool festivals and even shared the stage with Underoath that tour, which is collectively one of our favorite bands.  We also just got off the road with Colossus and Prepared Like a Bride and those guys were sick.”

More shows and tour are going to be aplenty for the band, and here are some that are on the Darkness Divided wishlist.

August Burns Red, Killswitch Engage, Fit For A King, [and] Slipknot,” said Gerard Mora.  “So many great bands [are] out there. Those are definitely some of the top bands we would love to tour with.”

The band expects to play a lot of shows and tours in 2015 and Gerard said what he hopes happens to the band while doing that.

“[We want] to play the music we love, make new friends, and hopefully leave this world a little better than what it is” said Gerard Mora.

“Thanks for reading this interview. If you haven’t already, check out and pick up a copy of our album “Written in Blood.”  Looking forward to meeting you all on tour this year!”





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