Crappy Concert Moments: Arlington

“A crappy concert moment of mine actually happened on tour (Hands Like Houses were headlining). We had spent Thanksgiving in Ithaca, NY and it got down to 2 degrees when we were there. We thought it was a good idea to jump into the lake outside the house we were staying in before it froze and I ended up getting a little sick after that. At our show in Philly I found out that I couldn’t sing at all and my voice had gone totally hoarse. I hadn’t really warmed up properly but I just decided to wing it and go onstage. The entire set was so painful because I literally couldn’t get any notes out higher than my normal speaking range and my voice eventually just gave out completely. Probably the most embarrassing show of my life.” – Tyler Benko
“We played a show with no standing room in a tiny theater once, the stage was more or less twenty feet wide and raised about two feet high on platforms. there were probably thirty people in the front rows, and a couple other folks strewn about the other seats. When our set started, one of the crew members turned on two fog machines underneath the stage and the fog slowly blanketed the people sitting in the audience. We only had a twenty-minute set but the crowd couldn’t see us and we couldn’t see the crowd. That was crap.” – Channing Peake
“A moment that’s forever stuck with me happened at one of our early shows in Santa Barbara at a venue called SOHO. I was playing on someone else’s drum kit as the venue didn’t want long equipment changeovers between sets, so everyone had to use the same kit. The drum kit was pretty beat up and the hardware wasn’t very sturdy. At some point in the show, I hit a cymbal hard enough for the cheap stand to fall over. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the cymbal sliced right through the cable for Tyler’s guitar, which immediately cut the signal to the audience was only hearing bass and drums. Channing’s dad ran onstage in a flash and fixed both my stand and Tyler’s cable situation quickly, but it definitely wasn’t my proudest moment, and threw off my performance for the rest of the night.” – Grant Whitson
Post by Karen Shalev

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