Concert Review: We Are Scientists Serves Up at Soda Bar

We Are Scientists


Who: We Are Scientists, Communipaw
Where: Soda Bar, San Diego, CA
When: Feb 20, 2022

It was a crisp evening walking up to an intimate venue off El Cajon Blvd. in San Diego, California where rock band, We Are Scientists was set to perform. I ambled up to the security at the door with my I.D and vaccination card in hand. I thought it was smooth sailing but then there’s the ticket booth guy. You have to go through the ticket booth guy first before going deeper into the bar and stage area. Once you’re passed that, you’re golden.

I was in time to catch the opening band, Brian Bond and Communipaw. They set the ambiance of tranquility which was perfect before the final act. The lights were low, the room was still and the vibe was just right. As I knew it, Keith Murray and Chris Cane were jumping in front of me on stage with beers set on the side for them and the crowd went ballistic.

Their radiant energy filled up the Soda Bar so quickly, it was a slight whiplash. Fans rushed towards the stage to rock out with the front men and their double header drummer, Keith Carne who plays in Communipaw.  

Kick starting their set with a rousing, “You’ve Lost Your Shit” segueing into “The Great Escape,” “Contact High” and “Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt.” I was taken by surprise when they did not sing their version of “Hoppipolla” by Sigur Ros. The tirelessly performers went on for an hour and twenty minutes, covering all aspects of their twenty year span filled with quips in between takes.

Keith and Chris are known for their comedic duo. Keith is Laurel to Chris’ Hardy, the Abbott to his Costello and the Marin to his Chong. You simply can not compare the two to their humorous on stage persona. They just go hand in hand. 

It ended with a ravage drum set, a bass and an electric guitar laying on the floor next to a standing microphone without a vocalist. The two set lists taped on the floor were taken right away. The Soda Bar was left with empty beer cups and a cold, dust of wind at the exit door. As I embrace the February’s shivers, I look back and think it was by far one of the greatest performances to see live. 

We Are Scientist are vocalist Keith Murray, bassist Chris Cain and drummer Keith Carne.

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Post by Christine Rios




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