Concert Review: Paramore at Greek Theater in Los Angeles

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Paramore returned to Los Angeles September 26 to play a sold out show at The Greek Theater. Their stage set up featured a custom built screen with three circles of lights and throughout the show, the screen featured projections all over it.

Best Coast opened the show, playing a 12 song set. They opened with “Bratty B” and played others like “Heaven Sent”, “California Nights” and “Jealousy”. A little later in their set, lead singer Bethany Cosentino informed everyone that it was her dad’s birthday. She asked everyone in the crowd to yell “Happy Birthday” and the crowd obliged. Their set went by fast and pretty soon it was time for Paramore.

The show was incredible, Paramore played a 19 song set with a balanced mix of older classics and newer hits. The band came on stage under the cover of fog and some dimmed yellow lights. They went straight into a drum intro which featured all the members hitting a different drum. They then went right into “Hard Times” which got the whole venue dancing.

The coolest moment took place during the song “26” from their new album After Laughter. This was one of the songs that I was most excited to hear live. Hayley and Taylor sat down on folding chairs and played acoustically. The atmosphere of the crowd sort of changed a bit while this was played. No one was singing really loud for the majority of the song and no one had their flashlights on either. All of that made “26” one of the most beautiful songs of the night.

This year marks the 10 year anniversary of Riot! and the band did not forget about it. Hayley told everyone to close their eyes and go back to 2007. Once we were all transported back 10 years, the familiar notes of the Misery Business intro began. If you’ve been to a Paramore show before then you know that every time “Misery Business” is played, a lucky fan gets to sing the song from the stage. That honor went to one lucky fan who was dressed up in an all red outfit, like the one from the “Hard Times” music video. The girl knew all the moves and she and Hayley were banging their heads in sync with one another.

The final opportunity to dance hard came during “Rose-Colored Boy”. Hayley held out her microphone and the crowd chanted the intro part of the song. Then once it started they continued to sing along until the very end.

Besides the music part of Paramore, the band has done an amazing job of bringing people together. When you go to a Paramore show you feel like your apart of a giant family. That’s just one of the many things that makes everything that Paramore have done so special. If you have the chance to catch Paramore, you should. Make sure you bring your dancing shoes and some tissues.

Post by Madeline Cronin

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