Brandon Flowers dazzles in Los Angeles

Brandon Flowers of The Killers headlined the Wiltern in Los Angeles September 26 to a sold-out crowd.  The frontman was touring in support of his latest effort The Desired Effect, released in May.

Flowers stated during the performance that he always gets nervous when he plays in Los Angeles, but that didn’t seem to phase him in the slightest while on stage.

Flowers took to the stage like he was born to do it.  “Come Out with Me” started off his set followed by the opening track from his latest album “Dreams Come True.”  Following that was the vivacious “Can’t Deny My Love” which is probably the danciest tune off The Desired Effect.  

Flowers played with ease throughout the set and got plenty of audience participation and singing to coincide with each song.  When he played songs off his first solo album, Flamingo, fans were eager to belt out each lyric to the song.  “Crossfire,” “Magdalena” and “Jilted Lovers and Broken Hearts” were some of the few.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Flowers show if he didn’t play songs from The Killers.  He did that with altered renditions of “Jenny was a Friend of Mine” and “Read My Mind.”

Flowers told many tales of when he was growing up about bands that inspired him to be a singer including INXS.  He said when he grew up in Las Vegas and went to a record store, he had a friendly relationship with the clerk and he told Flowers, “You know you’re a great singer if you can sing a song along with an acoustic guitar,” from which he recommended the Pet Shop Boys and the song “Rent.   This was the perfect leeway into his next song, of which he introduced the singer of the Pet Shop Boys, Neil Tennant, to play that song along with him and play it acoustically.  The singers played off each other perfectly.

Tennant stood on stage following that song and joined Flowers, and the rest of his bandmates, to help sing the next song from The Killers, “Human.”  Tennant exited following this and Flowers sung “Mr. Brightside” and exited following this.

He returned mere minutes later to a delighted audience and gave them three more songs.  “Between Me and You” started it out and an extended version of “Still Want You” having fans sing the chorus over and over.

He finalized his engagement with the Los Angeles audience with a slowed down and softer version of “Only the Young” to send everyone home humming the tune on their car ride home.

Mexico City band Rey Pila set off the night and entertained the sold out crowd for the first 30-minutes.  They were supporting their album, released one day prior called The Future Sugar.  The band has an 80’s-esque sound and feel and wowed some audience members.

  1. Come Out with Me
  2. Dreams come True
  3. Can’t Deny My Love
  4. Crossfire
  5. Magdalena
  6. Jilted Lovers & Broken Hearts
  7. Jenny was a Friend of Mine (The Killers cover)
  8. Lonely Town
  9. Diggin’ Up the Heart
  10. Read My Mind (The Killers cover)
  11. Untangled Love
  12. Rent (Pet Shop Boys cover w/ Neil Tennant acoustic)
  13. Human (w/ Neil Tennant singing)
  14. Mr. Brightside (Jacques Lu Cont Remix) (The Killers cover)
  15. Between Me and You
  16. Still Want You
  17. Only the Young


Have you seen Brandon Flowers this year? How was it?  Comment below.

Post and photos by Corey Kleinsasser


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