Bad Omens starts album career with a top notch release

Bad Omens - Self-Titled

Hard rock/metalcore band out of Bad Omens, out of Los Angeles, just released their debut self-titled album on Friday. The band may be newer to many but they should be known to all because this album is phenomenal.

Bad Omens has brought us a superb release for 2016. The first track “Glass Houses” is an “in your face” masterpiece and the perfect intro to bring down the place.

The second track, “Exit Wounds” has an amazing buildup to a breakdown mid way through the song that will get you amped seeing it live. “The Worst in Me” is an amazing song you can easily pickup and learn the lyrics too.

“F E R A L”, “The Letdown”, and “The Fountain” are other highlights not to be missed on this album.

The band has many crowd chant vocals which will entice listeners to learn each vocal take so they can sing at their live shows.

This debut is a huge accomplishment for these guys and they will be a forced to be reckoned with in the metalcore/hardcore scene within the coming years.

  1. Glass Houses
  2. Exit Wounds
  3. The Worst in Me
  4. F E R A L
  5. Enough, Enough Now
  6. Malice
  7. Hedonist
  8. Broken Youth
  9. Crawl
  10. The Letdown
  11. Reprise (The Sound of the End)
  12. The Fountain

Post and interview by Corey Kleinsasser

What are your thoughts on Bad Omens? Comment below.

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