August Burns Red headlines the Frozen Flame Tour in Pomona

With only a few weeks left to go, The Frozen Flame Tour made a stop in Pomona at The Glass House on Friday.  Headliners August Burns Red brought along: Miss May I, Northlane, Fit for a King and Erra for a night full of music, mayhem and mutual respect to the confines of the Downtown Pomona area.

Fresh from signing with Fearless Records, August Burns Red is no rookie to The Glass House.  They are one of the most recognizable acts in the metalcore genre.  Their last album, “Rescue & Restore,” was released in 2013.

Lead singer Jake Luhrs said that the next time Pomona sees the band, it will have a new album released.  The crowd cheered with excitement.

August Burns Red had the entire floor moving from start to finish, playing most of their well-known songs, including: “Composure,” “White Washed,” Back Burner,” and “The Eleventh Hour.”

After 13 songs, the band exited the stage, leaving drummer Matt Greiner to play a drum solo.  The rest of his comrades joined a couple of minutes later on other drums to join in on the fun.  August Burns Red has never done this on any other tour.

Following this, the band concluded their set with “Carpe Diem” and “Empire,” ending the 75-minute long engagement with the Pomona faithful.

Miss May I might be a fledgling band, but they have already demonstrated themselves worthy of playing with the elite of their genre.  Led by singer Levi Benton, the band charged their way through a 40-minute long set that never let down.

The band played songs from all four of their albums.  Fans moved  along and obeyed each one of Benton’s directions.

Much like headliners, August Burns Red, Northlane is working on their new album, and that did not slow them down in the slightest either.  Northlane was also the only band on the bill that is not from the United States.

Northlane does have a new vocalist after their former lead singer, Adrian Fitipaldes, left due to health concerns.  Enter Marcus Bridge.  Bridge took to the Pomona crowd like a seasoned veteran, and the fans did everything he asked, with no hesitation.  Even though the band had the least amount of breakdowns, the mosh-pit was still wild.

Fit for a King is one of the top up-and-coming bands in the genre, and this show proved that they belong with this caliber of a lineup.  Their latest album, “Slave to Nothing,” has been their biggest yet.

It’s too bad they did not have a longer set, because these Texans play well to any crowd that they’re in front of.

“Pomona is turning out to be one of our most favorite cities to play in the United States,” said front man Ryan Kirby to the Pomona crowd.

The band had a mutual respect for the crowd.  Seven songs later, the crowd still wanted more.

The opener on the tour, Erra, is slowly coming into their own.  The floor was completely full when they started playing.  Everyone in the venue stayed from start to finish and was really into the band, singing along to the recognizable clear, lyrics from them.

Each band on The Frozen Flame Tour was remarkable in their own way.  Each band complemented the previous performance and paved the way for the next.  This lineup set the bar high for any metalcore tour that dare challengings it throughout the year.

August Burns Red

  1. White Washed
  2. Beauty in Tragedy
  3. Thirty and Seven
  4. Spirit Breaker
  5. The Eleventh Hour
  6. Up Against the Ropes
  7. Marianas Trench
  8. Provision
  9. Back Burner
  10. Fault Line
  11. Meridian
  12. The Seventh Trumpet
  13. Composure
  14. Drum Solo
  15. Carpe Diem
  16. Empire
Miss May I

  1. At Heart
  2. Hey Mister
  3. Hero with No Name
  4. Masses of a Dying Breed
  5. Forgive and Forget
  6. Gone
  7. Our Kings
  8. A Dance with Aera Cura
  9. Relentless Chaos

  1. Quantum Flux
  2. Worldeater
  3. Windbreaker
  4. Rot
  5. Genesis
  6. Scarab
  7. Masquerade
Fit for a King

  1. Hollow King (Sound of the End)
  2. Ancient Waters
  3. Forever Unbroken
  4. Young & Undeserving
  5. Slave to Nothing
  6. The Resistance
  7. Warpath

  1. Alpha Seed
  2. Frostbite
  3. Dreamcatcher
  4. Warrior
  5. Pattern Interrupt
  6. Hybrid Earth

Have you attended this tour yet?  What are your thoughts on it? Comment below.

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