Album Review: Sunsleep – ‘I Hope To See You Again With Brand New Eyes’ EP

Sunsleep is just one of the bands I am obsessed with right now and I am always having their EP on repeat. Their newest EP, I Hope To See You Again With Brand New Eyes, was released September 7, 2018 which includes two singles that were released earlier this year. Their sound is between a rock sound fused with pop melodies and catchy choruses. My reaction after listening to the EP for the first time was “Wow, I’m in love with this”.

Sunsleep formed January of 2017. I had the opportunity to see them in my hometown, Florence, Alabama, when they were on tour with World War Me and Oh, Weatherly. I also had the opportunity to see them two days after the EP was released in Nashville. Even though they have been a band for almost two years, they are still breaking into the scene. Hearing the new songs live was mind changing, the band gives off a good vibe. There were only a few fans that knew the band that was having a good time but at the same time, you could see that they were gaining new fans as well. I always enjoy live music better than listening to it on your phone. The overall theme of this EP is smooth, for lack of a better word. Listening to the songs just makes you want to sway your body and sing along to the lyrics.

The tracks that stand out the most to me are “Dive”, “Don’t Wake Me”, and “Falling Out of Place”. The lead singer, Devin Barrus, uses different vocal ranges which I think that if you can make your voice go through different pitches and sounds you should use it! The vocals on this song are incredibly strong, from the harmonic background vocals to the top line melody. My favorite song overall is “Dive”, this song talks about living in the moment or even remember the past that you lived and think about the good times. Devin’s voice is different, but a good kind of different. This track is more of a vocal focus track.

Some of my favorite lyrics from this EP are “We live for today like it’s all that we have” from the song “Dive”. The music and vocals work well together, creating a solid track. The music is simple but the lyrics are complex. Overall I recommend this EP to anyone who has not to listen to Sunsleep. They have amazed me with this EP and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.

Post by Juanita Adame

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