Album Review: Shane Owens – “Where I’m Comin’ From”

Shane Owens Where I'm Comin' From

It may have taken a while, but country artist Shane Owens’ first album Where I’m Comin’ From is finally getting to see the light of day and it is about time. Owens takes country music back to its roots. It’s not the country music you hear from today’s artists like Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan, and Sam Hunt; this is traditional country through and through.

Owens has this beautiful, rich baritone, an asset that will take him far. This deep, low voice is appealing to a much broader audience, but Owens is still able to expand his range higher and, surprisingly, even lower. He knows exactly how to pronounce each word to make them fit the vibe of the song.

Owens has this natural gift for music. The songs on Where I’m Comin’ From seem so natural and effortlessly written. “Blame it on a Woman” is a great example of this talent. It’s a song that compresses everything good about the album into one song. In this song, especially, you can hear just how charismatic Owens is; it makes you think how amazing this song will be performed live and makes you want to go out and buy tickets to see him perform as soon as possible. “Where I’m Comin’ From” is another great song and, for those who are unsure about what genre Owens falls into, gives a perfect example of the kind of music this traditional country music singer will be singing.

Despite all of the hardships that went into finally releasing this album, Shane Owens has persevered and, with the release of Where I’m Comin’ From, shows just how good the end result is when you pour your heart and soul into it.

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Post by Karen Shalev

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