Album Review: Secret Space – “The Window Room Part 2; Lost in a Dream”


album, Secret Space released The Window Room Part 2; Lost in a Dream on Friday. This isn’t your usual album as it contains the reimagined versions of their debut release.

The first song on the album, “The Window Room PT 2”, is a great song that pulls you in and makes you want to stick around and listen to not only the rest of the song, but to the rest of the album as well. “Beyond the Display” is a highlight on the album, being incredibly well rounded. “Butterfly” is another standout, with beautiful harmonies and music. Perhaps the best part of this release is the fact that all of the songs sound good being together on the same album.

Secret Space could have had a misstep with The Window Room Part 2; Lost in a Dream because of the unique nature of the reimagined songs, but they pull it off and do a great job. This release is interesting, executed well, and an absolute pleasure to listen to.

  1. Window Room Pt. 2
  2. I’ve Come Around
  3. Cast Iron
  4. Beyond the Display
  5. Suffer In
  6. Safety Not Guaranteed
  7. Change
  8. Tread Softly
  9. Butterfly
  10. Stumbleine
  11. Lo-Fi

Post by Karen Shalev

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