Album Review: Otherwise – “Sleeping Lions”


On September 22nd, hard rock band Otherwise released their third album, Sleeping Lions. It has been about three years since this Las Vegas group has put out any new music. Otherwise will be touring the US in a couple of weeks, supporting Red and 10 Years.

The album opens with “Angry Heart,” a single that can currently be heard playing on radio stations across the country. I find the song to be a bit different from the band’s other music, but that is definitely a good thing. It sort of reminds me of a Shinedown song. “Weapons” begins with a dramatic sound. Adrian Patrick’s vocals truly shine through in this song. One of my favorite songs on Sleeping Lions is “Crocodile Tears,” which has a bitter theme embedded within its lyrics.

“Dead in the Air” is another of my favorites on this album. The vocals in the chorus stand out, especially on the lines “all my words are dead in the air, something’s got you running scared.” The longest song on Sleeping Lions is “Bloodline Lullaby,” a pretty slow song. It’s an uplifting song about dealing with the loss of somebody close to you, but knowing that you’re still always near them. Even though the song is longer than five minutes, it goes by really quickly. Sleeping Lions ends with “Won’t Stop.” This ends the album on an inspirational note, with lines like “my heart’s broken but it won’t stop beating.” The song closes with “whenever one chapter closes, another one opens, you’ll see,” which I think is a fairly satisfying lyric to end an album with.

Years and years ago, I remember Otherwise’s debut single “Soldiers” playing on the Sirius XM station Octane, and I got their first release, True Love Never Dies, soon after. I’ve been listening to Otherwise for quite some time, and Sleeping Lions is definitely a throwback to their previous music. This album is sure to appeal to old and new fans alike.


  1. Angry Heart
  2. Sleeping Lions
  3. Suffer
  4. Nothing to Me
  5. Weapons
  6. Crocodile Tears
  7. Close to the Gods
  8. Dead in the Air
  9. Beautiful Monster
  10. Blame
  11. Bloodline Lullaby
  12. Won’t Stop


Post by Anna Rhodes

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