Album Review: Oceans Ate Alaska – “Hikari”

Metalcore band Oceans Ate Alaska, from Birmingham, United Kingdom released their newest album Hikari via Fearless Records. Recently Jake Noakes joined the band as their new vocalist, so Hikari is OAA’s first album featuring Noakes.

The LP opens with “Benzaiten”, which is the name of a Japanese Goddess that makes things flow such as water, time, etc. The opening of the song features Japanese instruments, with a metal beat slowly incorporating into it. This is a super catchy song with great use of clean vocals throughout.

“Covert” is the third song on the track list, was previously released as a single, and its easy to understand why. It is very upbeat and rhythmic. This is a very powerful song, featuring lyrics such as, “You know I have this unrelenting fear, that I’m fighting the days, but I’m losing the years. It’s calling my name, every day is the same, except this voice in my head, is merely fueling the flames”. The end of the song is calm and melodic, which is a perfect way to end the song, and a great introduction into the next track.

“Hansha” is one of the most unique OAA songs yet. It features lots of clean vocals, which is different for the band. Usually their songs will have bits and pieces of clean vocals throughout, but this song mostly consists of clean vocals. It is very catchy and again, is a very powerful song lyrically and musically. The instrumental portion is not too overpowering, giving the vocals a chance to really stand out and make an impact on the listeners.

The final track, “Escapist”, is a headbanger from the start. This is the type of song that you could see a crowd going nuts over. The drums and guitar are very catchy and fast in the beginning, giving out a very energetic feeling. The shift between clean and heavier vocals will blow you away; this is definitely a song that will be a favorite for many off this new LP, and would be great played live.

This album is overall an absolute banger and will definitely take Oceans Ate Alaska far.

  1. Benzaiten (feat. Alex Teyen)
  2. Sarin
  3. Covert
  4. Hansha
  5. Deadweight
  6. Veridical
  7. Entrapment
  8. Hikari
  9. Birth-Marked
  10. Ukiyo (feat. Josh Manuel)
  11. Escapist

Post by Brooke Champine

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