Album Review: FOUR TRIPS AHEAD – “…And The Fire Within”


This album does not mess around. …And The Fire Within, a full length album released by NYC band FOUR TRIPS AHEAD in February, takes everything that we as humans struggle with on a daily basis and sets them to music. This album is very much about trying to just live life as we are surrounded by chaos and conflict on every scale. The great thing about this album is that it does not preach its message; it lets the listener take away the message they get from it.

Besides the fact that FOUR TRIPS AHEAD has brilliant lyrics, the music itself is amazing. It’s a mature sound; younger audiences may not be able to identify with it right away, but it is extremely high-energy. The vocals are superb, with the phrasing expressing the message of the song exactly as intended. The guitar is insane, keeping quiet when needed, coming to the forefront and showing off for a little bit, and then going back and meshing with the other instruments. The bass is perfect, never overwhelming, and definitely is part of what gives …And The Fire Within its edgy sound. There is also some absolutely superb work on the drums which separates this great album from other good ones.

…And The Fire Within is not your everyday album. If you really want to understand what this album is all about, listen to “December,”  “Sea Song,” and “Run to You” first, then go listen to the rest of the songs on the album. Then listen to the album again and again and again, because that’s what you’ll want to do. FOUR TRIPS AHEAD has created an album that everyone can relate to. It’s an album that is distinct both lyrically and musically and is sure to take them extremely far.

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  1. Step Into My World
  2. December
  3. Sea Song
  4. Good Times Goodbye
  5. There;s A Time
  6. The Escape
  7. Inside Out
  8. Run To You
  9. The Decent
  10. Bring Me Down

Post by Karen Shalev

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