Album Review: Fates Warning – “Awaken the Guardian Live”

Fates Warning - Awaken the Guardian Live

Can’t get enough Fates Warning? Then get Awaken the Guardian Live. The band’s third album celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2016. In honor of the anniversary, the band reunited with all of the members who recorded it to give two unique, live performances of the album: one at Keep It True XIX in Lauda-Konigshofen, Germany, and the other at ProgPower USA XVII in Atlanta, Georgia. This album actually consists of both live recordings in their entirety.

The set list from both festivals is pretty similar, with just slight changes; for example, “Kyrie Eleison” is only available from the Prog Power performance and not Keep It True. With such similar set lists for each festival, the album becomes a real treat for fans. While the best bands give 100 percent each time they perform, there’s no denying that different audiences have different vibes, which the artists pick up on. It’s really interesting to hear the slight differences on the album between songs like “Exodus,” “The Sorceress,” and “Epitaph” based on which performance you’re listening to.

This album is fun. You have two live festival performances on one album, which makes this a great album to pop in your car for long road trips; you can also just sit at home and turn the music up as loud as your neighbors will let you. There is no wrong way to listen to this album and absolutely nothing that can be found at fault with it (even if you look really hard). These are two equally great performances from the Awaken the Guardian-era Fates Warning and an album that you’ll definitely want to add to your collection.

Awaken the Guardian Live will be available on CD, DVD, Blu-ray, digitally, and as a double gatefold vinyl on April 28.

1-01: The Sorceress (Live at Keep It True XIX)

1-02: Valley of the Dolls (Live at Keep It True XIX)

1-03: Fata Morgana (Live at Keep It True XIX)

1-04: Guardian (Live at Keep It True XIX)

1-05: Prelude to Ruin (Live at Keep It True XIX)

1-06: Giant’s Lore (Heart of Winter) (Live at Keep It True XIX)

1-07: Time Long Past (Live at Keep It True XIX)

1-08: Exodus (Live at Keep It True XIX)

1-09: The Apparition (Live at Keep It True XIX)

1-10: Damnation (Live at Keep It True XIX)

1-11: Night on Brocken (Live at Keep It True XIX)

1-12: Epitaph (Live at Keep It True XIX)

2-01: The Sorceress (Live at ProgPower XVII)

2-02: Valley of the Dolls (Live at ProgPower XVII)

2-03: Fata Morgana (Live at ProgPower XVII)

2-04: Guardian (Live at ProgPower XVII)

2-05: Prelude to Ruin (Live at ProgPower XVII)

2-06: Giant’s Lore (Heart of Winter) (Live at ProgPower XVII)

2-07: Time Long Past (Live at ProgPower XVII)

2-08: Exodus (Live at ProgPower XVII)

2-09: Damnation (Live at ProgPower XVII)

2-10: The Apparition (Live at ProgPower XVII)

2-11: Kyrie Eleison (Live at ProgPower XVII)

2-12: Epitaph (Live at ProgPower XVII)

Post by Karen Shalev

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