Album Review: Daughtry – “Cage To Rattle”

Daughtry - "Cage To Rattle"

It has been five years since Daughtry released an album, but Cage To Rattle was worth the wait. If you saw Daughtry live on tour recently, you will have heard a few of these songs already. The sound of the album will not dissuade longtime fans; Daughtry still sounds like Daughtry, just better. The rock sound that put them on the map is still prevalent, but pop and blues elements have been woven in throughout the music which makes it more interesting.

“Just Found Heaven” is the first track on the album, which was a good decision. The song is soulful; there is some channeling of Johnny Cash going on with this one. The chorus is going to be a great one for fans to sing along with. The music and lyrics work together instead of competing. It is an impressive track. “Back In Time” is another excellent song. This song has more of a blues influence to it and is just as soulful as “Just Found Heaven.” There is an interesting sound throughout the song that sounds kind of like a siren, but it is never annoying. “Bad Habits” brings in more of a pop influence. Fans need not worry because it is very much a rock song, just with some pop elements in it. This is going to be a great song to hear live; it is a song you want to dance along with while singing “…my bad bad habits…”

Releasing a new album after so many years is no easy feat. Daughtry has found the perfect blend of staying true to their original sound while making sure to evolve in Cage To Rattle. Chris Daughtry has evolved as a vocalist; his voice, always impressive, sounds even richer and more dimensional, which elevates the lyrics that he is singing. Daughtry has always had great music, but even that has become more interesting to listen to; the music and lyrics are the perfect complements for each other. Cage To Rattle is an excellent rock ‘n roll record that never sounds flat. These are songs that are going to perform very well live, based on previous experience. Daughtry has released the best album of their career.

Post by Karen Shalev

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