Album Review: Bubbles Erotica – “Self Titled”


It’s a weird name, but once you listen to their debut self-titled album, you realize it just fits: Bubbles Erotica.

“Cicada Arcade” is the first track on the album and musically, it’s good. Like REALLY good. And the album actually only gets better. “Humbaba” is the second song on the album and a stand-out. “Wisco Disco” and “Alive” are two more songs you won’t want to pass up listening to, but all of the songs on this album are toe-tapping good.

What makes this album really interesting is that it can’t be categorized into one genre. Some songs are more disco, some are more pop, some are more rock, and some seem to have created their own genre entirely. You don’t know what you’re going to get with each song, which is something that is entirely different and very enticing.

Bubbles Erotica seems to have thrown convention to the wind with their debut self-titled album, but ended up with an amazingly unique and unforgettable release to show for it.

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  1. Cicada Arcade
  2. Humbaba
  3. Under Your Wing
  4. Op C MKMSTRV1(1644)
  5. Wisco Disco MKMSTRV1(seq 2)(1644)
  6. Home MKMSTRV1(seq 2)(1644)
  7. All I Want MKMSTRV1(1644)
  8. Cloak & Dagger MKMSTRV1(1644)
  9. Ghost MKMSTRV1(1644)
  10. Alive MKMSTRV1(1644)

Post by Karen Shalev

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