2wice As Nice: Fall Out Boy Return to SoCal With Sold Out 2our Dust Show in Anaheim

Fall Out Boy brought the highly-anticipated second leg of their tour, So Much For (2our) Dust, to The Honda Center in Anaheim on Monday night. With an arena packed of 18,000 fans, this sold out show was full of amplified energy, explosive production and special surprises. Merch lines seemed never-ending as they wrapped around the entire arena in multiple sections. Seasoned elder emos had no problem waiting in line to pick up a piece of history from bands who impacted their entire generation throughout half a lifetime.

Fall Out Boy are luminaries of the emo/alt/pop punk world, so it’s no surprise they brought indie alt icons Jimmy Eat World to support the tour. The Maine and Daisy Grenade catered to all ages of fans and served as the perfect openers to compliment the roster. Newcomers Daisy Grenade exuded youthful, carefree energy while having a blast onstage and creating memories during these early years of their career. The Maine absolutely did not disappoint with their classic charm and stage presence fronted by singer John O’Callaghan. The band, who formed in 2007, managed to sample songs from across 5 albums — impressive considering their shorter set of only 8 tracks.

Jimmy Eat World’s performance managed to dig up memories of basement parties, nighttime car rides with the radio blasting and all sorts of MySpace-era moments we had tucked away in our minds. We were thrilled to see a full setlist of 15 songs — over half hailing from staple albums Futures and Bleed American. Jimmy Eat World let us jump on a rollercoaster of upbeat bangers like “Pain” and “Sweetness” as well as softer songs like “Work” and their iconic emo ballad, “Hear You Me.” Their live sound reflected just how remember listening on our CD players two decades ago. We couldn’t have been happier reliving so many songs that served as a soundtrack to our younger years. Seeing fans belt out every song confirmed that Jimmy Eat World imprinted on so many of us over the years and formed a truly dedicated fanbase.

Not long after, Patrick, Pete, Joe and Andy emerged onstage, kicking off their show with a bang (literally). The generous 28-song setlist was a balanced blend of old favorites and recent tracks, catering to fans both old and new. Fans were treated to a handful of OG songs from Take This To Your Grave and From Under The Cork Tree during early parts of the set. Mega-anthems like “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light ‘Em Up),” “Thnks fr th Mmrs,” and “Centuries” had the crowd singing along at the top of their lungs, while newer hits like “Hold Me Like a Grudge” and “Love From The Other Side” had the audience rocking out in every corner of the arena. Fall Out Boy delivered the same effortlessly smooth instrumental and vocal performances as we have seen over the years. The band’s precision to align with emotion felt by fans is always a consistent factor to their live shows — and why there is a high demand for Fall Out Boy all over again, even twenty years later.

The band’s notoriously popular Magic 8-Ball surprise song segment became a staple on the tour’s first leg — so, we just knew it would make a reappearance on this second leg. To say the Y2K alt gods were looking down on us is an understatement — not only did we get “7 Minutes in Heaven (Atavan Halen)” — but, a cover of Cobra Starship‘s “Good Girls Go Bad” with none other than Gabe and Vicky of Cobra Starship. The arena roared as they walked on stage while fans looked to one another in disbelief. In addition to Cobra’s surprise onstage collaboration and an array of Fall Out Boy tracks, the crowd was also treated to covers from both Queen and Ozzy Osbourne.

Accompanying each song was an astounding compilation of visual effects ranging from radiant light beams, pyrotechnics, bubbles, fog, a giant blow-up dog of Blitz the Doberman and much more. Pete’s infamous fire-spewing bass took the spotlight many times throughout the night, captivating everyone from fans to security guards to dads chaperoning their kids. We expected to be blown away just as much the second time around and we were so right. Even if you caught Fall Out Boy last year, we cannot recommend enough snagging a ticket to another show on the second leg of this tour if you have the opportunity. Their sensational performances always exceed even our highest expectations — we left this show feeling more nostalgic than ever.

Check out our gallery below for a taste of 2our Dust!

Daisy Grenade

The Maine

Jimmy Eat World

Fall Out Boy

Photos and post by Nikki Phillips [ Instagram | Website ]

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