Song Review: Icon for Hire – “Curse or Cure”

Icon for Hire releases Curse or Cure

Icon for Hire’s new single, “Curse or Cure”, was released on September 18th.  The rock band was formed in Decatur, Illinois in 2007 by vocalist Ariel Bloomer and guitarist Shawn Jump.  The band has released four albums Scripted, Icon for Hire, You Can’t Kill Us, and Still Cant’ Kill Us: Acoustic Sessions.

Icon for Hire releases Curse or Cure
Icon for Hire

New music is released on a constant basis.  It’s impossible to personally write a review for every song or album, so I limit myself to songs that catch my ear.  “Curse or Cure” is one of those songs. I like a song with a great sound but I love a song with a great message.  This is a song that I absolutely love.






Opening sirens and Bloomer vocals combined with a pounding rhythm initially caught my attention, but it was the lyrics that drove me to review this song. Bloomer sings about hearing voices and being confused. Fearing to be left alone.  Not knowing how to make things better and second-guessing every decision. Being told you are hopeless and to blame for your actions. Only seeing your flaws. In the end, being blamed for these things. 

We live in a society where weakness is a sin, where everyone is to blame for their own problems.  If you are out of work, then you are not trying hard enough. If you have a problem with addiction, then you are weak for not being able to control it. Suffering from depression or suicidal thoughts means you are mentally disturbed. Speaking about the song, singer Ariel Bloomer says, “Society often tells people with mental health issues that we are the problem, but then also expects us to be able to fix ourselves. If I am what’s broken, how can I also possibly solve myself from the inside?” 

Mental illness is a major issue in this country.  There are people all around us dealing with these issues daily, just trying to survive.  “Curse or Cure” speaks to those of us who have struggled or continue to struggle with mental issues.  This comes from personal experience from one who once gave in to the voices but who was lucky enough to survive.  The takeaway from the song is that problems are not always your own fault and not always in your control.  Rather than being blamed, some us just need help and understanding to get through these issues.

Curse or cure will undoubtedly make my best songs of 2020 list at the end of the year.  Like I said, I love a song with a message and this one certainly has one.  Check out the song and more about the band in the links below.

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