iNTeRNeT FreNDz Release “Achilles Heel”

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Pop punk duo iNTeRNeT FReNDz have shared their newest single “Achilles Heel” off of their upcoming debut EP iT’S a SeCReT. The EP, scheduled for release on June 26, was produced by Matt Squire who has worked with bands such as The Used, All Time Low, Panic! At The Disco, Boys Like Girls, Sum 41, and Simple Plan.  Leading up to the release the duo, comprised of vocalist Michael Swank and guitarist Rossy Burr, shared the singles “Warning Signs”, “Forever”, and “So Obvious”.

iNTeRNeT FReNDz It's a secret EP cover art

The band’s name is symbolic of the duo’s formation. LA-based, UK born Rossy Burr met Austin, TX based Michael Swank online while he was stranded in the UK during the Covid pandemic. While in the UK, Rossy dove back into his love of music and started writing songs eventually leaving his 14-year career as an artist manager and record label owner.

After finally meeting face-to-face in Austin in 2022 the duo started laying down demo tracks which were later sent to producers Matt Squire and Courtney Ballard. In 2023 while recording the EP, Swank started paving the way for the duo’s emergence by growing their TikTok account, while Burr was producing music videos. This culminated in the duo dropping their first single “Warning Signs” in March. This was followed by “Forever” in April and “So Obvious” in May.

iNTeRNeT FreNDz latest release “Achilles Heel can be streamed now at

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