GUEST BLOG: “Go ahead and shout in that cave” by Julio Duran of Polar Waves


Wine never gets old. One does get old, but not wine. Its slow flow, just like a creek of pure crystalline mountain water, its charm and charisma, elegance and playfulness – wine has been around for a while. Whether it’s a robust Pinot Noir or an oaky Chardonnay, even a dry bubbly one, wine will always serve a celebratory purpose: to raise your glass and give thanks for whatever the situation is. Close your eyes and fly south for nine hours. I’m sorry, I know it’s a long one, but it’s worth it. Now, open them. Welcome to Chile, land of apples and berries, meats and empanadas, pisco and…wine. Polar Waves is playing a show at this rock club, let’s call it ‘Entry Music Club’. Small venue, friends and family present. Maybe a handful or two of people who decided to check us out. Fast forward to the end of the set: applause, good job, nice tunes, when’s the album out, let’s get a shot (or two). Once the night continued its natural path, the music talk got real: Polar Waves sounds like Notable 1990s Band That Whenever They Come To Chile Their Show Sells Out.

See, wine never gets old in Chile. And notable bands, especially hard rock and metal bands, have a huge following in this long and narrow nation. Chilean fans crave nostalgia, love the classics and are so passionate about foreign imports. Pearl Jam, Slayer, Iron Maiden and Faith No More all have a huge following. Creedence Clearwater “Revisited”? Sold out. Roger Waters? Packed stadium. The Chili Peppers? Those dudes love performing live so much that they always accommodate a couple shows (all sold out, obviously). But when it comes to local bands, you guessed right: while the classics are loved and respected, the new ones are bound to struggle until they earn their tenure. It’s a smaller, yet powerful industry. And the fans are just amazing.

Now, close your eyes. Let’s go back up north nine hours. You can go ahead and open them. We’re back in the good olde USA, where bands tour like airlines, albums drop every day, singles are actually purchased by people, and fans dig “The New”. Because “The New” represents “The Now”. Now it’s the time for change, to stand up for yourself, to act, be a leader, united, with love. New is encouraged here. And just like in life, as long as you honor and respect what brought you there, you will be fine. And if it gets worse, wine will never get old.

Post written by Julio Duran of Polar Waves.

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