Corey Kleinsasser – Owner / Editor-in-Chief

I graduated from Cal Poly Pomona in 2015 with a degree in Journalism, and I have worked various jobs in the journalism and public relations field, on top of Editor-in-Chief for Concert Crap throughout.  I have plenty of communications skills in editing, creating content, writing, public relations, photography, website editing, publicity, and more. I started Concert Crap in October 2013 for a class and ran with it, creating posts for every show that I’ve attended with photos and reviews, and slowly moving towards additional endeavors such as artist interviews, album reviews, features and more. / /

Matthew Saunders – Photographer / Writer

I am an aspiring writer currently based out of Southern California.  I am currently pursuing a degree in Communications at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. When I’m not writing for Concert Crap, I can usually be found trying to sharpen my skills on guitar or researching new products that could help him achieve certain guitar tones. Also, I like going to shows (especially at Chain Reaction), going to shows, and trying new food. / /

Leanna Ahmed – Photographer / Writer

I am an artist, writer and music junkie – I make art to find freedom, I write to tell stories and go to concerts for immunity. There is nothing in this world that geeks me out more than anything that screams passion, creativity, and empathy. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Journalism from California Polytechnic University, which is where I had the privilege to meet Corey and join the Concert Crap team. / /

Chris Ventura – Associate Producer

I’m a 2014 Cal Poly Pomona graduate with a degree in Communication/Journalism. Aside from my day job, I’m a freelance writer/photographer and have had years of experience in radio, internet, and television production—including my own experimental project: The Chris Ventura Show on iTunes and YouTube. There’s something absolutely fantastic about starting out with an idea and bringing it to life; starting with a blank slate, exploring the limits of the medium, and then exploiting those limits with the creative talents of a great team, and then to end with a completed project that entertains and/or informs others—something all can be proud of having created together–is the greatest thing on Earth. I’m constantly on the go, and music is a big part of my life. It’s amazing how a certain song can make you feel—perhaps a fond memory or simply the appreciation of a wonderful work of musical art. I have the greatest respect for all musicians, songwriters, and vocalists out there. /

Meg Mindlin – Photographer

I am a freelance and concert photographer based in Long Beach, CA, as well as an artist working primarily with watercolor and graphic design. Currently I am a senior in high school but plan on pursuing a major in Marine Biology with a minor in Film and Environmental Science. Even though the ocean is the love of my life, music is a close second. I’ve been going to concerts since I was 8 and a crowded room of people squished together like sardines is as close to home as it gets for me. / /

Gigi Gradillas – Writer

My first experience with journalism came in 2013 when I interviewed the high school talent show winners and thought it was the most vigorous thing I’d done, instantly falling in love with writing and interviewing; therefore I am now pursuing a journalism degree. I’ve come a long way since my days of only listening to “Top 40”; my diverse music taste includes anything from indie pop/rock, R&B, to house music. My holy trinity of bands are No Doubt, Beastie Boys, and Two Door Cinema Club. Catch me at the front row of concerts; I’ll be the one dancing. Best advice ever received from a song: “Slam your body down and zigazig ah” -Spice Girls “Wannabe” /

Kayla Rojas – Writer            

I’m currently an aspiring writer working on a bachelor’s in Journalism after getting my associate’s degree this spring in Northern California. While not writing for Concert Crap, I also play the guitar and keys. I also love going to hardcore and pop punk shows in my spare time, an avid animal rights supporter and a vinyl enthusiast. Some of my favorite bands are Knuckle Puck, Pierce the Veil, The Cure, Blink-182, and Radiohead to name a few (out of a huge list but this bio isn’t big enough)! /

Madeline Cronin – Writer

My name is Madeline Cronin, I’m a writer for the site. I’m 20 years old,I want to work in the music industry some day. My favorite band is Paramore. /

ItsYesse – Writer

I still haven’t bought any reusable bags and I still have to juggle all my groceries to the car. I still fall asleep on the toilet. /

Krystina Alfonso – Photographer

I’m a 26 free-lance photographer from Orange County, CA. I love my dog Dobby & shooting shows, portraits, babies & landscape

Email: / / /

Megan Choi – Photographer

I am an Austin, TX based photographer with a passion for live music photography. I began my photography journey in high school by shooting and interviewing bands using a point and shoot camera. My favorite bands include Enter Shikari and Taking Back Sunday! / / /

Kelsey Lockhart – Photographer

A teacher by day, concert photographer by night. / /

Katrina Recto – Photographer

I’m a portrait photographer based in Southern California. Bad with words, good with pictures, and even better at being able to turn the music I love into tangible memories. / /

Chris Troncoza – Photographer

I am a freelance photographer/videographer based in Hollyweird (Hollywood) California. Fun fact about me is that I have deuteranopia colorblindness so ill never see my photos how you see them. Hope you enjoy my work! / /

Alex Melgosa – Photographer

I am a Wisconsin native, who relocated to LA to pursue my passion working in the music industry. I attended North Central University in Minneapolis,MN where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Business. I previously worked as a Marketing Representative for Universal Music Group where I worked with artists such as DNCE,Owl City, Ellie Goulding, Nick Jonas, Megadeth, Logic and more. My experience in the music industry, video editing and photography is one of the main reasons why I chose to work with Concert Crap. / /

Jorden Durkee – Photographer

I am a live music and lifestyle photographer based in Kansas City, MO but available anywhere. I’ve been shooting for a year, and shooting shoes for 7 months. / / /

Mauricio Gonzalez – Writer 

Based in San Diego with amazing weather and disappointing  sports franchises. Started going to as many shows as possible as soon as I could drive myself and I plan to keep going until the wheels fall off. Or until I become the creepy old guy at shows. /

Sarai Kelley – Photographer

I am a self taught creative + concert photographer based out of San Diego, California; an aspiring soul just seeking any form of creativity. I grew up in the metalcore and punk rock scene, so naturally my love to capture moments in time was drawn toward the music industry. I crave the individuality and uniqueness of an artist and bounce off their passion to further fuel my own. / /

Emily Jillian – Photographer

I am a photographer based in New England and have been involved in the pop punk scene for almost 10 years now. From attending shows as a fan to working shows and festivals, I have always tried to stay as active in the music industry as I possibly can. I am currently a student at Southern Connecticut State University studying for my bachelor’s degree in marketing. I hope to use my marketing and advertising knowledge to help up and coming bands be as successful as possible. / /

Alina Negrete (Sky Alina) – Photographer

Self taught freelance and concert photographer from Fresno,CA. Got into photography when I went to my first concert in 2006. Ever since then I’ve been addicted,got my first dslr June 2016. /

Takoda Patterson – Photographer / Videographer / Writer

I am 25 years old, straight edge,vegan. Art and coffee are my favorite things and I am the vocalist of a band called Journalist. / /  /

Karen Shalev – Writer / Photographer

By day, I’m a freelance makeup artist and soon to be licensed cosmetologist. In my free time, I obsess over all things music. My music tastes range from heavy metal to opera and everything in between. I love writing about music, photographing concerts, and just plain old blasting my favorite songs. /

Catalino Alvarez Jr. – Photographer

I am an aspiring freelance photographer, currently living out in Fresno, California and have recently acquired my Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic and Multimedia Design at DeVry University.

I have some experience in graphic design, video editing, and building websites (which probably flew right out of my head sadly). Photography was one of those things that was hardly focused on in college, so that I mainly self-taught myself and that is where my interest has been stuck on since the start of 2016. As far as hobbies go, I enjoy video games, anime, and eating. / /

Robee Aquino – Photographer

I first got into music when I picked up an ukulele back in high school, and I’ve been involved in music since then, from performing on stages with my friends around California, to running live sound and setting up audio, to where I’m at now as a photographer and videographer in Seattle. While I do love shooting a lot of the bigger shows and concerts in and around town, some of my favorite nights are spent working with local artists and cultivating the Seattle music scene. / /

Mike Thomas – Photographer

Canadian Born. Vancouver Base.  Lover of pop punk, Star Wars, and the Pacific Northwest. /

Jordyn Beschel – Photographer

I am a music and portrait photographer located in Southern Connecticut and a recent graduate studying psychology and art. Although I centralize most of my work around the music scene, I enjoy working on projects that allow me to incorporate my fine arts side as well. I hope to mobilize my work into the creative marketing field collaborating with more musicians in the future. / / /


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