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Corey Kleinsasser – Southern California

Corey Kleinsasser

Owner l Editor-in-Chief for Concert Crap since October 2013

I graduated from Cal Poly Pomona in 2015 with a degree in Journalism, and I have worked various jobs in the journalism and public relations field, on top of Editor-in-Chief for Concert Crap throughout.  I have plenty of communications skills in editing, creating content, writing, public relations, photography, website editing, publicity, and more. I started Concert Crap in October 2013 for a class and ran with it, creating posts for every show that I’ve attended with photos and reviews, and slowly moving towards additional endeavors such as artist interviews, album reviews, features and more. l Website l Instagram l Twitter

Matthew Saunders – Southern California

Photographer / Writer for Concert Crap since

I am an aspiring writer currently based out of Southern California.  I am currently pursuing a degree in Communications at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. When I’m not writing for Concert Crap, I can usually be found trying to sharpen my skills on guitar or researching new products that could help him achieve certain guitar tones. Also, I like going to shows (especially at Chain Reaction), going to shows, and trying new food. l Website l Instagram

Chris Ventura – Southern California

Associate Producer for Concert Crap since

I’m a 2014 Cal Poly Pomona graduate with a degree in Communication/Journalism. Aside from my day job, I’m a freelance writer/photographer and have had years of experience in radio, internet, and television production—including my own experimental project: The Chris Ventura Show on iTunes and YouTube. There’s something absolutely fantastic about starting out with an idea and bringing it to life; starting with a blank slate, exploring the limits of the medium, and then exploiting those limits with the creative talents of a great team, and then to end with a completed project that entertains and/or informs others—something all can be proud of having created together–is the greatest thing on Earth. I’m constantly on the go, and music is a big part of my life. It’s amazing how a certain song can make you feel—perhaps a fond memory or simply the appreciation of a wonderful work of musical art. I have the greatest respect for all musicians, songwriters, and vocalists out there. l Instagram

Karen Shalev – Worcester, Massachusetts

Karen Shalev

Writer / Photographer for Concert Crap since

I am a music photographer and journalist based in Worcester, MA. Music is my life and I love it all, from country to metal, to opera, and everything in between. l FacebookInstagram

Meg Mindlin – Southern California

Meg Mindlin

Photographer for Concert Crap since

As well as a concert photographer, I’m also a nature photographer for various companies and brands. Currently, I’m studying Marine Biology at UC Santa Cruz! l Website l FacebookInstagram l Twitter

Kayla Rojas – Northern California

Kayla Rojas

Writer for Concert Crap since

I’m a student journalist based in the East Bay! I usually work with local hardcore and metal bands. I’m also involved in my local horror community and work as a freelance model on top of writing about music. I will be launching a horror-themed podcast soon, and will continue with writing after getting my bachelor’s degree! l Instagram l Twitter

Madeline Cronin -Southern California

Madeline Cronin

Writer for Concert Crap since

My name is Madeline Cronin, I’m in college right now and hoping to one day work in the music industry. I like dogs. l Twitter l Instagram l Facebook

Krystina Alfonso – Southern California

Krystina Alfonso

Photographer for Concert Crap since 2016

My names Krystina and here’s a couple things you should know about me: my favorite photos to take are Portrait and Live music. I dabble in Film, Landscape, and Babies from time to time along with whatever creative ideas pop into my head at 2 in the morning. I also offer bad jokes and useless movie facts free of charge! l Website l Twitter l Instagram

Brooke Champine – Florida

Brooke Champine

Photographer for Concert Crap since 2017

I am a Vermont native, currently located in Orlando, Florida to attend Full Sail University. I am a currently earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Business. I am a freelance photographer, and a growing artist manager and social media manager. l Facebook l WebsiteInstagram

Megan Choi – Texas

Megan Choi

Photographer for Concert Crap since

I am an Austin, Texas based photographer with a passion for live music photography. I began my photography journey in high school by shooting and interviewing bands using a point and shoot camera. My favorite bands include Enter Shikari and Taking Back Sunday! l Website l Facebook l Instagram l Twitter

Kelsey Lockhart – Conneticuit

Photographer for Concert Crap since

A teacher by day, concert photographer by night. l Website /

Alex Melgosa – Southern California

Alex Melgosa

Photographer for Concert Crap since

I am a Wisconsin native, who relocated to LA to pursue my passion working in the music industry. I attended North Central University in Minneapolis, MN where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Business. I previously worked as a Marketing Representative for Universal Music Group where I worked with artists such as DNCE, Owl City, Ellie Goulding, Nick Jonas, Megadeth, Logic and more. I now work at Universal Music Publishing Group and helped launch their first YouTube channel. My experience in the music industry, video editing, and photography is why I work with Concert Crap. l Website l Instagram

Jorden Durkee – Kansas

Photographer for Concert Crap since

I am a live music and lifestyle photographer based in Kansas City, MO but available anywhere. I’ve been shooting for a year, and shooting shoes for 7 months. l Website l Instagram l Twitter

Mauricio Gonzalez – Southern California

Writer for Concert Crap since

Based in San Diego with amazing weather and disappointing sports franchises. Started going to as many shows as possible as soon as I could drive myself and I plan to keep going until the wheels fall off. Or until I become the creepy old guy at shows. l Instagram

Catalino Alvarez Jr. – Northern California

Photographer for Concert Crap since

I am an aspiring freelance photographer, currently living out in Fresno, California and have recently acquired my Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic and Multimedia Design at DeVry University.

I have some experience in graphic design, video editing, and building websites (which probably flew right out of my head sadly). Photography was one of those things that was hardly focused on in college, so that I mainly self-taught myself and that is where my interest has been stuck on since the start of 2016. As far as hobbies go, I enjoy video games, anime, and eating. l Facebook l Instagram

Stella Sanchez – Maryland

Patricia Sanchez

Photographer for Concert Crap since ???

Been playing music for 10 years and taking photos for two. Mostly do work for a local venue and have grown into starting my own outlet.

Website l Instagram

Geoff Clowes – South Florida

Geoff Clowes

Photographer for Concert Crap since 2017

I’m a freelance live music photographer and full time stay at home dad. I am lucky enough to have been able to combine two of my loves, music and photography into one epic hobby. My musical tastes range from Baroque trumpet concerti to X Japan and everything in between. l Instagram l Twitter

Joe Hernandez – Portland, Oregon

Photographer for Concert Crap since 2017

Aside from a few High School film classes, I am a self-taught photographer based in Portland and occasionally traveling to the Seattle area for concerts and festivals. I began doing music photography in 2016 for my college radio station, KPSU, at Portland State University; where I also studied Mechanical Engineering. I now contribute to a couple music magazines and outlets, including Concert Crap. l Website l Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Hector Vergara – Orange County, California

Hector Vergara

Photographer for Concert Crap since 2017

I’m a freelance photojournalist in Orange County with a focus on capturing the music scene in the greater Southern California area. Photography has been a big part of my life since my teenage years but it wasn’t until April 2016 that I discovered my love for concert photography and I’ve been on this roller coaster since then. l Website l Twitter l Instagram l Facebook

Gigi Gradillas – Orange County, California

Gigi Gradillas

Writer for Concert Crap since 2016

I grew up thinking “Top 40” was the only music that existed until I was shown the light and from then on music became one of the biggest parts of my life. My favorite bands are No Doubt, Foster the People, and Beastie Boys but my music taste ranges anywhere from 90’s R&B to alternative rock and everything in between. Catch me at every concert under the disco ball (honestly, every venue should have a disco ball, am I right?).

Gigi.gradillas@gmail.con l Instagram

Alicia Hauff – 

Alicia Hauff

Photographer for Concert Crap since 

I am a lifestyle and concert photographer based in Washington state, serving the PNW. l Website l Instagram l Facebook

Victoria Kernan – Southern California

Victoria Kernen

Photographer and Writer for Concert Crap since

Anna Rhodes – Northern Virginia


Anna Rhodes

Writer and Photographer for Concert Crap since March 2017

I graduated from George Mason University with a degree in Communication in December 2016. I’ve always loved taking pictures, so it was easy to combine my passion of photographing with my love of music. I go to a ridiculous amount of concerts.  l Website  l Facebook  


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