An Artist I Just Got Into: Sam Smith

Sam Smith is an artist that I used to listen to regularly, but because I listen to so many different artists and songs, I just eventually fell off track and stopped listening. So this is more of an artist that I got back into, rather than just got into. But, you get the point.

I fell in love with Sam Smith when I heard the tracks “Latch”, and “Lay Me Down”. I took dance class as a freshman in high school, and “Latch” was one of the songs that we learned a hip-hop dance to, so through combining the song with a dance made me fall in love with the song even more as I had a deeper connection to it.  

The newest song by Sam Smith, “How Do You Sleep?” has grabbed my attention once more and has me listening to this artist much more often again. 

Check out the music video for “How Do You Sleep?” below:

Post by Brooke Champine

What are some artists that you just got into? Comment below.


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