An Artist I Just Got Into: Saint Asonia

Have you heard of Saint Asonia before? What about the name Adam Gontier? Adam is the former vocalist of rock band Three Days Grace, and current vocalist of rock band Saint Asonia. So if you’re a fan of TDG, then it’s likely that you’ll love Saint Asonia.

A friend recently showed me this band and I fell in love. In 2019, they released their newest full-length album titled ‘Flawed Design’. Songs to check out from this album would be the first track, “Blind”, and “The Hunted” (which features Sully Erna from Godsmack!).

From their older music, I highly recommend checking out “Better Place” for an edgy song or “Waste My Time” for a calm, acoustic track that is beautiful. These are both found on Saint Asonia’s 2015 self-titled album. 

Check out the music video for “The Hunted” feat Sully Erna below.

Check out the music video for “Better Place” below:

Post by Brooke Champine

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