Album Review: Otherwise – ‘Defy’

On November 8, 2019, Otherwise released their fourth album, Defy. The band began building up anticipation for this album amongst their fans a few months ago, with a tour where they tested out their new songs.

Defy opens with “Bad Trip.” This song is really catchy and immediately made me think that this album was going to be different compared to what Otherwise had released before. “Money” starts heavy and is another song that’s not what I was expecting from the band. Otherwise used some electronics blended in with their hard rock sound, and “Ain’t Done Yet” is one of the songs that you can hear that on. After listening to “Goliath” the first time, I immediately had to listen to it again. With “Fame and Miss Fortune,” Otherwise are able to write a song about our use of social media without it sounding cheesy. “Unbreakable” is a pretty heavy song that would be great to hear live at a concert. Defy closes with “Good Fight.”

I mentioned a couple of times that this album was different than I expected from Otherwise. That isn’t a bad thing, and it’s been intriguing to listen to a band that I loved years ago and see just how much they’ve grown. It’s hard to pick favorites, but some of the songs that I liked the most on the album are “Bad Trip,” “Money,” and “Goliath.” Defy is an album that I’m definitely excited to listen to more.

  1. Bad Trip
  2. Money
  3. Crossfire
  4. Lifted
  5. Picking At Bones
  6. Ain’t Done Yet
  7. Goliath
  8. Don’t Even
  9. Fame and Miss Fortune
  10. Unbreakable
  11. Good Fight

Post and photos by Anna Rhodes

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