Crappy Concert Moments: Covet

Photo Credit: Howie Chen

David Adamiak (bass) – My worst gig moment was in Buffalo, New York, on our first US tour back in 2017. We were playing with a band called Tides of Man, we were supposed to play in Buffalo at this one venue. Last minute, the venue gets changed and we go to a DIY space who calls just some random kid to do sound. So they set up the stage, it seems legit, we’re the first of three bands, we go to start playing. I’m playing through the bass player from Tides of Man’s bass rig and he has a really super professional rig that would be loud enough to play the [Worcester] Palladium without a mic, it’s like super powerful.  We all get up on stage and start playing the first song and all of a sudden, there’s a ton of feedback happening, and the stage is lifted with nothing underneath it, so the feedback is of like a subfrequency, so it’s physically shaking the floor. It’s louder than what my amp is producing, so I couldn’t hear my bass at all. We were all looking at each other going what in god’s name is happening right now. I turn up my bass rig, and it does nothing to affect the volume, I still can’t hear myself. We take a break in between songs and I ask the sound guy, “hey there’s like a crazy feedback coming from a place that we can’t fathom, what’s going on,” he’s like, “I don’t know,” and so we had to play the rest of the set with this like tremendously distracting “mmmmmmm.”

Yvette Young (guitar) – Recently we were in Ft. Lauderdale [on the Artificial Selection tour with Dance Gavin Dance]. It was already kind of a shit show, we were running late because we had sprung a flat tire earlier that day, so we literally loaded onto the stage to play, no sound check, just a really flimsy line check, but we were feeling good, good vibes. We started playing and I noticed that my mic was hanging from the stand pretty precariously, and I was having trouble getting the actual thing to grip the mic because it was loose. So I was like whatever, I’m just going to try not to touch it. During the set, I said “thanks for coming, we’re going to hang out by merch,” and I touched it and I noticed that it was kind of teetering, so I was like god, I’m just going to play the song and see what happens. So I’m playing the song and then I noticed that the mic stand starts tipping over and I’m in the middle of a part where I go to a quiet section and there’s a technical part so I don’t really have any choice but to instinctively grab the mic stand because I saw if it fell, it would have crashed into my other guitars, and it would have probably made a noise. I didn’t want it to make a noise and I also didn’t want to damage the gear of the venue. I had a lot of stuff going through my head and was like okay just catch it. I instinctively put my arm out and then I dropped out of the section and was like it’s gonna be easy, I’m just gonna put my arm out, grab it, put it back up, jump back in, simple as that. But it wouldn’t stay, it just kept on falling over and I kept on having to grab it with my hand, so I basically dropped out of the entire section. I got lost because I was thinking about this mic stand and how frustrating it was that I couldn’t put it back up and then I decided the only way I can play this song is if I hold it down with my foot in midair. I’m standing on one foot, holding the mic stand up with the other and playing this detailed technical part. Meanwhile, I am looking around to make eye contact with literally anyone who will pay attention and maybe help me. I look at the sound person and he’s just like —, I look at the security guard and he’s drinking a beer, just standing there. I look at the audience and there’s a huge photo pit and everyone in the audience can see it and they’re like “sorry like there’s a photo pit, we can’t go over, there’s guards.” I literally have to hold it with my foot for an entire section, I’m playing really sloppy because I don’t have a lot of space, I’m against this stand and I’m standing on one foot, so it’s a feat. Finally I get to this heavy section and I go okay, I don’t have another foot to engage my overdrive pedal so I have to just let this thing fall. So I move my foot, engage the overdrive pedal and as soon as I hit the heaviest section, the mic stand just falls. It was kind of epic timing but also really annoying because I had to drop out for a whole section and I made eye contact with so many people who didn’t help me, so I thought that was kind of funny and frustrating.

Forrest Rice (drums): Our first show of the last US tour we did was in Phoenix and we go up on stage. We’re all excited to play, we had a good sound check, everything went smooth and then Dave (bass player) goes up to the mic and goes “hey guys, we’re gonna play what’s called a perfect set.” He calls it and totally jinxed the moment. We go and get like 30 seconds into a song and then Yvette’s pedalboard completely dies and stops making all sound, so we’re playing and going what is happening and then Yvette, I don’t know what you did, if you went direct in or unplugged the thing…

Yvette: I noticed that if I kicked it a little, it would come back in but literally for a second, so after that happened enough times, I was just like fuck this and took it out and plugged back in and I played the rest of the set just direct into amp. It’s just dry, no effects, not as loud and not as compressed, but we’ve practiced without effects before, so I think we were prepared for it, which I think was really funny. And then David hit…

Forrest: During the set, David is on his knees trying to fix the pedalboard, Yvette is standing there. We’re just freaking out during our set time trying to fix things. And then I’m hearing the drum set and there’s nothing going on, so I just started playing, riffing and doing some random solo. It was the weirdest set we ever played, it was such a whirlwind. Half the songs we didn’t even get to finish. It was a disaster. And then Dave ends the set and he throws his bass over his head like he normally does and you [Dave] knocked yourself hard because you had a gash, you were dripping blood. That was one of the craziest disaster sets I’ve ever been in with Covet so far.

This interview was recorded at the Worcester Palladium in Massachusetts on April 14, 2019.

Covet is currently on the Artificial Selection tour with Dance Gavin Dance.

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Post by Karen Shalev

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