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Red Back Light Release Track With Definite Edgy Rock Undertones


Synth Rock Duo, Red Back Light, have released their stand out single, ‘Nothing I Can Do’. Furthermore, it is an energy soaker, full of strength from the duo’s stunning 2017 EP, ‘No More Memories’.  Red Back Light is a pair from Montevideo, Uruguay, producing a talented, synthy sound with definite edgy rock undertones, finding solid pace with each track.  The duo found great success with their debut EP, and this single is sure to find equal success with this killer track.  ‘No More Memories’ is proof positive of their firm handle on their original musicality.

Crediting inspiration from groups such as Depeche Mode, The Cure, St Vincent and Gorillaz, Red Back Light’s music has found a basis in the dark and moody for their creations.  The edgier and solemn themes portray through plenty of melodic arrangements that are completely creative and inspired.  Adding to that the accomplished and clean production, which is topped full of eclectic accentuations, and the aimed drums with stellar guitars, it is all anchored by a strong bass line.  The track also brings together a melting pot melding a beautiful electric soundscape, churning out a great tune.

Unique Red Back Light

Moreover, the duo has crafted something unique here and know their genre well.  Furthermore, they have found their sound with ease and it is something to sit up and take notice of.   They blend their sound perfectly and with the punch of modern pop added for variance, giving the finished product something with a bit of edgy grit.  It’s intelligent, twisting and paints an EDM paradise for the senses.

Overall, ‘No More Memories’ truly marks Red Back Light as a duo to follow. Therefore, be sure to keep up with the pair as they gain more and more success!

Post by Sam Morrison


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