Laura Airaksinen Excites With ‘Tonight’

Laura Airaksinen

Are you after something new and wholly inspiring?  Then get to know Finland based singer-songwriter, Laura Airaksinen, who has just released her brand new single, ‘Tonight’.  Overall, it is a beautiful song with clever influences of soul, jazz and pop music.

Laura is a songwriter living in Fiskars, Finland. Her music is stratified across the genres of jazz, soul, folk and pop. Moreover, she has recorded it with top musicians from all over the world, including live strings, horns, choirs and more. Emoting through the subjects of love, passion, long-distance relationships and instability that love and life bring, Laura plays with those matters and allows them to drive her sound and music wonderfully.

Laura Airaksinen Exquisite Vocals

Furthermore, her latest single, ‘Tonight’, is a tempting song with exquisite vocals that really deliver. The melodies and harmonies play off each other and glide the song through. Also, the production gives plenty of bankability. The track is full of live instruments that deliver a beautiful ‘human’ quality, which we so often miss in modern pop music. The entirety of the song demonstrates unequivocally the talent that Laura possesses.

If you love modern and commercial melodies with emotive and well thought out lyrics, combined with elements of jazz and soul, Laura’s latest single, ‘Tonight’, will be right up your street. We are sure that you will not be disappointed with this release. Also, be sure to keep up to date with Laura as she progresses in her music career.

Post by Sam Morrison


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