Sam Kingswood Releases ‘Neanderfools’

Sam Kingswood

Neanderfools is the recent release by Essex rapper and producer, Sam Kingswood.  It is a charged and unflinching hip-hop track that speaks of the state of society today.  Based in Southend-On-Sea, Sam is a truly accomplished rapper and producer crafting a sound meant to move your mind and thoughts. As well as something to move to.

With this latest track, Neanderfools, Sam’s aim is to craft a purposeful and overall unwavering commentary on the modern world. With a feature of Cardo in it and a deep, quality old-school beat perfectly balanced under and solidifying the lyrics. As a result, Old and new fans who find this track will want to keep this one on repeat.  The track just has so many elements to attach to and find favor with. Sam’s lyrics are fearless and direct in their realism and add to an already mega cool beat. Overall, there is plenty of lengthening and filling out through the use of the lyrics that truly add the accentuation to this track on top of an already banked baseline.

Sam Kingswood Influences

Furthermore, Sam states his influences range from artists such as Miles Davis to Lil Wayne, giving him an extraordinary edge to the mix of inspiration he has and a solid force to create and master his musical sound.  He has employed his own experiences along with the troubles of modern life to generate his lyrics.  There isn’t a subject he shies away from tackling via the medium of his music.  Sam finds the musical outlet empowering for building a sense of what daily life has now become.

Moreover, If you are looking for rap that generates overall thinking and gives you pause to consider and feel something beyond just the beat, then this track and artist are for you. Also, be sure to follow Sam Kingswood as he ascends, you will not be disappointed!

Post by Sam Morrison


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