Blue Statue Fierce New Track “The Scent Has The Air”

Blue Statue

Blue Statue, an alternative indie band from North London, recently released not just one, but two golden new tracks off their recent self-titled EP.  The two stunning tracks, “The Scent Has The Air” and “Womb Wave” are clear indicators of their able grasp on indie style and how that translates to music.

The band has had great success so far by having radio play from BBC Introducing and working with the legendary producer Joe Foster. Furthermore, this early success has marked them one of the most exciting new bands in the London indie and rock scenes.  With plenty of widescreen sounds and ample grit, you can see why.  The band has defined their music as a fusion of ‘the noisier side of indie’. But yet also ‘the grungier side of punk’.  That is the perfect description as to what they are, and the product of that unanimous focus of the band has created some searing riffs and chords, something really fresh for old and new fans alike.

Blue Statue Fierce Guitar Sound

With their track, “The Scent Has The Air”, the vocals are strong and ready lending an immediacy to the song.  Coupled with the fierce guitar sound grinding along, the vocals pair with the sound perfectly.  Given the edgy and granular texture to the song, it is all the more accomplished that the production has finalized the song clean and fresh without murkiness experienced with other bands of this genre.  With other indies bands, there can be too much rawness to them but that is not the case here. The track feels like the music has slid through the gritty gears of the grunge machine. Therefore making it open and accessible, evidencing something truly genuine.

So, if indie rock is where your heart lies, this is a band you will easily find a place with.  They are definitely one to follow.

Post by Sam Morrison


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