Zonj3 Releases New EP, ‘Love Reincarnation’


Adam Idris, also cleverly known as Zonj3, is a naturally talented singer-songwriter from the United Kingdom. Having previously released other work under another name, he has now settled on this new moniker and released a new single under it.  Zonj3 started pursuing music only just recently in 2016 as he never really thought music as a profession for himself in the past However, this new track is a stunner and well worth the wait for. Furthermore, ‘Breakthrough’ is the next track after his previous first single, and it captures his style as an artist to perfection and is one to fall for.

Zonj3 made a sudden decision to begin this new career and quickly went into the studio to record his very first smash track ‘That’s My Baby’ just a couple of years ago. That was the starting point to continue on with his early success and release some new material.  Zonj3’s main genres range through R&B Blues, Pop, and Dance. As a result, he applies all of those styles liberally throughout his musical catalog.

Furthermore, it is as he said, ‘give me any instrumental and I’ll make a good track of it’.  Zonj3 creatively layers and builds a collection of produced and synth vocals over an anchored base beat of the track.  The lyrics are evocative as well as inventive. This latest release is a smooth ride of a track too.   The baseline blending and navigating you through a definite R&B vibe with plenty to move along with.  Artistically, it’s faultless and has a definite groove.  The production keeps true and hits the spot bang on.

Zonj3 New E.P Out Now

Moreover, Zonj3 has a new EP, ‘Love Reincarnation’ out now.  Overall, this is one release you don’t want to miss.  Be sure to follow this artist, he is one to watch and to find his way into your daily music mix again and again.

Post by Sam Morrison


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