Scott Beckett Crafts Something Exceptional With ‘Take Me Home’

Scott Beckett

Liverpool singer-songwriter Scott Beckett, recently released new single, ‘Take Me Home’ from his stand out EP, Teach Me To Fly. Scott expresses inspiring, emotive lyrics over lovely guitar work which creates a thoughtful and evocative finished product. Furthermore, the message within this track is clear and clean. It is also coupled with such balance and unforced lyrics, Beckett has crafted something great here.  Although veering occasionally to a slight rock vibe, the track really resides in an almost folksy genre.  It has authenticity and clarity to it but is complex enough to give it weight without being too cerebral, keeping it engaging and ultimately accessible.  The directive is fresh and a testament to Beckett’s songwriting abilities.

Overall, Beckett describes his genre of music as ‘acoustic driven with relatable lyrics’ and the singer-songwriter delivers that clearly here.  Stating that most music that’s singer-songwriter based inspires and speaks to him (Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, The Calling and of course The Beatles, are some of the strong influences that he draws inspiration from), Beckett brings those textures and variations to his music with ease.  You can hear that he has grown into his own as a musician and performer.  He has found the right mark and temperament with the almost folk atmosphere he conveys.  The track delivers a loose feeling that denotes his musical mindset and he conveys it easily through the whole production of the song, note by note.

Scott Beckett Career

‘Take Me Home’ will be the beginning of a stunning career for Scott, finding many fans for him along the way to be sure.  If acoustic singer-songwriter is a style you love, Scott will be one to follow on the long journey he has ahead.

Post by Sam Morrison


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