Paul De Leon Demonstrates His Boundless Talent With ‘Criminals’

Paul De Leon

Paul De Leon, the Australian born singer-songwriter, recently released a sparkling single, ‘Criminals’ and demonstrated yet his boundless talent in this he follows up to the successes of his previous releases ‘The One You Want’ and ‘Take It Away’.

Moreover, Paul De Leon has demonstrated his command as an artist with every track he’s released. His music lends a modern indie rock feel across all of his releases. Before growing into a singing and songwriting career, Paul De Leon was an accomplished and successful drummer and guitarist in his own right. Paul’s laid-back rock vibe comes through in his sound and it sounds out clever chords and hooks and coupled with beautiful, inspired instrumentation.

Paul De Leon Stunning Production

Furthermore, with its stunning production, subtly laid drumbeat and quality guitar riffs, ‘Criminals’ is a track brimming with creative and technical prowess.  There is a slow build opening to the track, leading into a smooth backbeat.  It is all lead by what seems is effortless vocals from Paul, who is a gifted and smooth vocalist and navigates the narrative the song ably.  Through his voice, Paul signifies his strong connection to what he is putting out through his music.  There is a running thread, coursing through the lyrics and the musicality.  Paul’s cleverly withholds and subsequently draws you into the song at its heart.  He adds a little rock undertone to give it some edge, making it unilaterally accessible.

Overall, it’s smooth without being ambient but enough to latch onto for many music fans of many genres.  His songwriting displays authentic and innate abilities, both lyrically and melodically offering something of himself in every track.   He has surely cemented himself as ‘one to watch’ in the indie scene.  If chilled out indie-rock is your thing, give ‘Criminals’ a try, it’s one to fall in love with.

Post by Sam Morrison


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